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2d 9h Download the incent toolbar and get rewarded while you surf! #staytrue $INCNT…    twitter.com
2d 9h RT @CryptoCoinsNews "Australian University Launches Nation’s First Open Blockchain Course …"    twitter.com
2d 9h RT @Forbes: Australia's latest crypto regulations might actually disprove the theory that crypto is a bubble. Here's why:    twitter.com
6d 6h RT @cryptotrader000: My Hardworking @IncentLoyalty Chrome Extension is simply Amazing     twitter.com
8d 10h RT @GoWavesgo: Spent too much money on Valentinesday? Luckily it's #WavesGoThursday! We just distributed 10'000 #WavesGo and 282 $Waves to…    twitter.com
9d 11h RT @Frank35884693: @IncentLoyalty It's all working! Installing the toolbar is easy, and I earn crypto everyday now.     twitter.com
10d 3h RT @biggzi: This is REALLY cool! @IncentLoyalty have developed a loyalty toolbar for Chrome! Earn #Crypto while you surf! Just another exc…    twitter.com
10d 12h Incent is the future of rewards and from February its open to you. #earncrypto #staytrue…    twitter.com
10d 15h Does you Loyalty Programme make the grade? #staytrue #incentloyalty #blockchain #rewards    twitter.com
10d 18h Have you downloaded our toolbar yet? Get it and earn crypto for doing what you love.     twitter.com
10d 18h RT @IncentLoyalty: Incent is The first universal merchant-backed loyalty platform. #incentloyalty #crypto $INCNT ht…    twitter.com
10d 19h RT @ForbesCrypto "Forbes' Fintech 50 list came out today, and nine blockchain companies made the cut. Five of them…    twitter.com
10d 19h Join the Incent community on slack! #incent #cryptocurrency #slack #earncrypto    twitter.com
15d 2h RT @miyurufernando: stoked for @IncentLoyalty for launching the first service, if you know the story so far (check bitcointalk thread for t…    twitter.com
15d 2h RT @cryptotrader000: @IncentLoyalty Love to see #incent grow with time & it's mass adoption #Waves #WavesPlatform #Blockchain #blockchaint…    twitter.com
15d 18h RT @realfourrrr: Signed-up for @IncentLoyalty proof-of-stake programme, let’s see where it goes.     twitter.com
15d 21h Our pilot programme is now live! Any Questions? Read our latest updates on slack! #incent…    twitter.com
16d 11h RT @BedrovaFotkina: Finally you can get paid for surfing! @IncentLoyalty opened up its proof-of-concept to the public - sign up, activate t…    twitter.com
18d RT @wavesplatform: We are very sorry for not releasing Win version of Waves Desktop Client Beta on Friday. There're some OS specific issues…    twitter.com
18d 18h Watch out for our pilot programme - launching shortly! #staytrue #incentloyalty #rewards…    twitter.com
18d 20h UN Women and partners to pilot blockchain technology in humanitarian action #blockchain…    twitter.com
22d 18h RT @erikfinman: If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Don’t start doing something if you aren’t willing to give it 100%.    twitter.com
24d 9h Bitcoin ads banned from Facebook as it cracks down on cryptocurrencies #bitcoin #crypto…    twitter.com
24d 12h The Future is Digital. #incent #staytrue     twitter.com
24d 13h RT @innovation: Facebook just banned ads for cryptocurrencies and ICOs because they're "misleading and deceptive." Ironically Mark Zuckerbe…    twitter.com
24d 19h Digital rewards are the future of commerce. #incent #commerce #rewards #blockchain    twitter.com
25d 12h RT @cassiuscrypto: It's possible the largest ever heist in history just took place.    twitter.com
25d 21h incent is transforming the world of rewards programs. #incent #rewards #Loyalty…    twitter.com
26d 1h RT @BitJob_Team: Learn more about what we do on our website #bitJob $STU    twitter.com
26d 14h Our Pilot programme is launching soon. Places are limited, so register soon. #staytrue…    twitter.com

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