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Ignis Latest News:

2d 19h RT @lioryaffe: Ardor Hackathon: via @YouTube    twitter.com
2d 19h RT @lioryaffe: Intensive work on the #IGNIS exercise at the #NFEA Autonomy Conference    twitter.com
2d 19h RT @Jelurida: While #Ethereum figures out how to Implement #PoS, this #blockchain startup is already steaming ahead. A great article explor…    twitter.com
10d 2h RT @ArdorPlatform: We had something great, but needed more. So we took from what we had and amplified the features with extra. Then came th…    twitter.com
10d 2h RT @NxtCommunity: Developer call! We need participants at the #Ardor hackathon in Norway. Come work with us: And J…    twitter.com
10d 2h RT @Jelurida: #Ethereum, #Jelurida and The Business Of Blockchain. #Blockchain as a Service is taking shape, with Jelurida posing a great c…    twitter.com
10d 16h RT @alexpfeiffer: Teaching #blockchain as part of our new MBA Program. Just created a singleton asset on $ardr #ardor as ownership certific…    twitter.com
10d 16h RT @lioryaffe: Smart contract, why does every node needs to run it and reach the same state? Maybe consensus of 3 nodes is enough for most…    twitter.com
12d 1h RT @Globalnvest_: Back on the $ARDR radar. bottomed again 3 days ago. Great time to pick more up. #bitcoin #cryptocurrency    twitter.com
12d 1h RT @ArdorGuide: Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) via @YouTube    twitter.com
12d 2h RT @AvdiuSazan: NXT Coin Guide 2018 NXT is a blockchain platform enabled with state-of-the-art tech that has made the cryptocurrencies plat…    twitter.com
12d 2h RT @Nxter_org: You think $NXT $ARDR $IGNIS are asleep? This week's news summary tells another tale: New video intro…    twitter.com
12d 2h RT @lioryaffe: Join (me) #jelurida at #kristiansand #norway for the 1st #Ardor Hackaton on March 22 sponsored by SF…    twitter.com
16d 1h RT @NxtCommunity: Blockchain is the Future. We are committed to providing nothing less and the journey will be an interesting one. RT@of_be…    twitter.com
16d 1h RT @Nxter_org: Have you ever wanted to explore and write code for a #blockchain, especially for #Ardor and $NXT? #Nxter has compiled a list…    twitter.com
16d 16h RT @ZarkMuckerbarn: Dammit. Someone just beat me to 28000 dirt cheap #ignis on trex by milliseconds.    twitter.com
18d 1h RT @8bitandstuff: Bear market is time to accumulate $alts. Bull market is to unload those $alts to aspiring noobs. What are you accumulat…    twitter.com
18d 1h RT @drewkid061: I almost forgot to post this reply fom @hitbtc @Nxter_org @Ardor_Nxt_Group @Nxtgids @IGNISguide @ArdorPlatform @Ardorgate…    twitter.com
18d 1h RT @wire_master: There is so much you can do with $IGNIS that it doesn't fit in a website!     twitter.com
18d 5h RT @Crypto_Ed_NL: What should I bottom buy? $ADA, $LINK, $ARDR or $TRX? No need to shill any of your other bags. Just don't! (Deleted prev…    twitter.com
18d 10h RT @two2wheel2life: “Why Ardor blockchain is important to know?” by @aajaji_m Great read if you want to understand #Ardor & why it is the m…    twitter.com
18d 10h RT @Ardor_Nxt_Group: A short comparison of history of $ETH to beginnings of $ARDR "Strong Hands Don’t Worry About #Ardor"    twitter.com
19d 4h RT @CryptoHamilton: $ARDR undervalued currently.    twitter.com
19d 5h RT @AvdiuSazan: Jelurida is looking to hire senior server-side Java engineers to participate in the development of our public blockchain pl…    twitter.com
19d 16h Nice approach of teaching people about #blockchain by @GergelyStefan    twitter.com
20d 2h RT @AvdiuSazan: Is ARDR about to show some enthusiasm? - $ARDR #BTC TradingView    twitter.com
20d 2h RT @AvdiuSazan: Ardor Ecosystem infographic by @wire_master #Ardor #ARDR $NXT $Ignis #AEUR #blockchain #energyefficiency #cryptocurrency h…    twitter.com
20d 11h RT @gmaloneyy: @boxmining #Ardor — Parent / Child Chain Architecure. Very well built #blockchain. Beat ETH to the punch when it comes to so…    twitter.com
20d 16h RT @TheCryptoWoman: Vote for #Ignis $IGNIS on the Lescovex exchange! IGNIS is ijust getting started and we need your help! More votes are n…    twitter.com
21d 1h Come on guys! Vote for #IGNIS!     twitter.com

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