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  • 1 Feb 2018


Hshare (HSR): UBTC Airdrop For HSR Holders  1 Feb 2018  (published 2 months 1 day ago)

The distribution of UBTC for HSR holders will begin on 1st February, 2018 (until January 1, 2022). A snapshot of HSR will be at 12:00 UTC on the 1st day of each month.
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Hshare Latest News:

21h #RC1 testing has been completed! Stay tuned for more info     twitter.com
3d 21h Last week #Hcash attended the #APAC Blockchain conference. Packed with passionate startups, innovators and regulat…    twitter.com
6d 23h Don’t know how to stake on the Hx network? Check out our medium post to find out how! #Hx #RC1    twitter.com
7d 20h Day 2 of the #APACBlockchain2018 was just as good as the last, with some great projects speaking to the team about…    twitter.com
7d 20h Just a quick reminder for those who are unaware. #keepsafe #safety    twitter.com
7d 22h The alpha version of the Hx GUI wallet is available for testing! If you'd like to participate, you can follow this…    twitter.com
8d 3h Check out the developer update at our Medium below to find out more about how RC1 is progressing!    twitter.com
8d 23h A fantastic day 1 at #APACBlockchain18, Andrew speaking about the various aspects of Hcash and the future of…    twitter.com
14d 1h Interested in the progress being made at the Monash University Joint Research Lab (hint – it involves new research…    twitter.com
14d 19h If you want to participate in the testnet, you can follow these step-by-step instructions kindly provided by…    twitter.com
14d 22h Wondering where all the RC1 public testnet code is? Check out link below to see the updated Github!…    twitter.com
15d 20h Check out or newest post on Medium! It includes sources for participating in the testnet, and more!    twitter.com
20d 20h The RC1 Public Testnet is live and we highly encourage our community to participate! Being the first cryptocurren…    twitter.com
22d 14h A Korean version of the Hcash mobile wallet will soon be released! 감사 to all of our Korean supporters!    twitter.com
23d 20h We're listing on HyperPay's mobile wallet app!    twitter.com
27d 17h Important information regarding the delay of our main chain launch.    twitter.com
1m 3d 1h I just published “Project Update 2/19/18”    twitter.com
1m 3d 2h I just published “Project Update 2/19/17”    twitter.com
1m 4d 4h Some amazing people joined Hcash at the ‘Blockchain Special Panel’ in Dubai’s Festival City. This included Nick Spa…    twitter.com
1m 7d 11h     twitter.com
1m 7d 14h     twitter.com
1m 8d 3h At Envision 2018, former Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd spoke about the importance of Chinese-Australian tra…    twitter.com
1m 9d 14h     twitter.com
1m 9d 14h     twitter.com
1m 10d 5h I just published “Weekly Dev Update 2/12/18 — PQ Cryptography: Problems and codebase refactoring (Chinese)”    twitter.com
1m 10d 19h Here is a new, more detailed version of our weekly dev update (February 10th). Please feel free to tell us what you…    twitter.com
1m 10d 20h A simplified version of our weekly dev update (February 10th)    twitter.com
1m 12d 13h #Hcash’s CTO Khal Achkar meets @_jonasschnelli_ , one of the most active developers of #Bitcoin’s core code, whose…    twitter.com
1m 16d 2h A simplified version of our weekly dev update (February 2nd)    twitter.com
1m 17d During their short stay in Seoul, Andrew and Adam had the pleasure of talking with Block Media about #Hcash, detail…    twitter.com

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