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1h Welcome 2 new projects $EKT and $NULS to join the #Blockcity mining pool. #blockchain $GXS    twitter.com
2d 1h Relief rally or end of correction? "Price map" in last 24 hours of Cryptocurrencies shows deep green color. Outliers are: etc, zrx and gxs among other altcoins .    reddit.com
2d 1h GXS Projects Progress Report Mar. 12th - 19th    reddit.com
2d 1h GXS Projects Progress Report Mar. 12th — 19th    twitter.com
2d 1h GXS Projects Progress Report Mar. 12th  - 19th    twitter.com
2d 3h RT @GXS_Japan: 今週の日本語週間レポートがLINE@に更新しました!確認するにはLINE@にご登録をお願いします~    twitter.com
2d 3h RT @COIN_TOKYO_JP: GXShares (ジーエックスシェアズ)はデータの分散型取引所で履歴書や信用情報などのプライバシーデータを保管し、おもに就職や融資の際の評価、またその他様々な個人情報を扱う際などに使われるプラットフォームとして注目を集めています #GX…    twitter.com
2d 14h RT @lendchain: LendChain is a decentralized digital asset finance service platform. It will allow lenders to receive stable interest paymen…    twitter.com
3d 16h RT @lendchain: LendChain , Where you can #Lend And #Borrow digital and #cryptocurrency , Follow us to know more. #Crypto #cryptocurrency #…    twitter.com
5d 9h RT @APompliano: Robinhood is making moves: - Announce crypto product - Launch crypto w/ epic commercial - Hire @joshelman - Head of Produc…    twitter.com
6d 7h RT @lendchain: Our cooperate with @gongxinbao let us be the first developer of #blockcity application. Get ready our products will be onlin…    twitter.com
6d 8h Xiaopeng Xu, Chief Operations Officier, presenting #GXChain& #Blockcity marketing strategies and plans to our cowor…    twitter.com
6d 8h This is one dapp for #blockCity    twitter.com
6d 15h RT @lendchain: Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success, and we chose the best blockchain…    twitter.com
6d 23h $XAS @AschPlatform is the third minable token at #Blockcity. The project is aiming to build a decentralized applica…    twitter.com
7d 4h RT @GXShares_Japan: 公式Line@アカウントです〜 毎週の進捗レポートと技術資料を日本語に訳します!    twitter.com
7d 18h $UIP is the second minable token at #Blockcity, it is a recreational copyright intelligent trading platform created…    twitter.com
8d 12h “Coinbase’s written testimony for the Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Securities, and Investment” by @coinbase    twitter.com
8d 14h Stephen Hawking, modern cosmology's brightest star, dies aged 76    twitter.com
9d 13h #Blockcity reaches 1 million users, we are grateful for customers who support and trust us, and will bring more pre…    twitter.com
9d 22h GXS Projects Progress Report Mar. 06th - Mar. 12th    reddit.com
9d 22h GXS Projects Progress Report Mar. 06th  -  Mar. 12th    twitter.com
10d 14h #Blockcity has launched for 2 months, closing 1 Million users trading their data for tokens. We are pleased to say…    twitter.com
13d #Blockcity support 12 cryptos now. Withdrawal will be available in the following weeks.    twitter.com
14d 12h $STC will minable soon at #blockcity.    twitter.com
16d 2h #Blockcity has a fresh look now.    twitter.com
16d 15h GXChain Projects Progress Report Feb. 27th - Mar. 05th    reddit.com
16d 15h GXChain Projects Progress Report Feb. 27th  -  Mar. 05th    twitter.com
16d 22h New #Blockcity user interface testing, will available soon. #bitcoin #Blockchain $GXS    twitter.com
17d 16h RT @altcointoday: Walmart To Implement Blockchain-Based Delivery System    twitter.com

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