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  • 23 Jan 2018


Genesis Vision (GVT): iFX EXPO in Hong Kong   23 Jan 2018  (published 3 months 22 days ago)

CTO Genesis Vision, Dmitry Nazarov, will be speaking at iFX EXPO in Hong Kong.
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Genesis Vision Latest News:

Just want to say this is a pretty bang up community and the potential of this project is mind blowing.
2h Hey everyone, check out my short 4 minute review on GVT :) More power to this project! I think this is definitely a (multi)billion dollar idea and concept.
4h Join beta-testers of the iOS GV application!
4h Question on taxes
4h Become one of the beta-testers of the iOS GV application! Due to a long confirmation from the AppStore, we decided…
9h Adoption of Genesis Vision
9h How does the portfolio of Genesis Vision holders in the genesisvision subreddit hold up to other portfolios in different crypto subreddits?(see comments)
10h FUD Slaying: Why “DYOR” is More Important Than YouTube Videos and Internet FUD
10h Is Qash a potential Competitor
15h Question. Wallet for Gvt
17h Pretty Good Video on GVT
20h 10-15 brokers ready once Alpha goes live?!
21h Screenshots of the platform taken by a fan compiling code from their github
23h Does the manager's transactions immediately reflect on the price of their token?
1d 6h GVT Adoption and market cap
1d 7h If Tether implodes, can GVT platform be seen as a safe haven ?
1d 16h Quick question about GVT
1d 19h Word of advice to the team, dump Charlie Shrem. Not a good look at all.
1d 21h I'm new to Genesis Vision. What benefit is there to this system over just a standard mutual fund?
1d 22h Mar 20 2018 Crypto Market Report - Contains Genesis Vision
2d How much of your portfolio is GenesisVision?(see comments)
2d 1h ELI5: Genesis Vision Platform Payouts
2d 3h Guy rates GVT an F due to these issues, thoughts on this review?
2d 6h Great YouTube review.
2d 7h Is the Alpha open to the public? Seems like everyone has differing opinions on this. I am very confused.
2d 9h What is Genesis Vision (GVT)? All You Need To Know
2d 19h Shill GVT to a small time investor w not a lot of cash.
3d 8h Genesis Vision development plans for 2018
3d 9h Check out Genesis Vision development plans for 2018 from our CBDO, Alexey Kutsenko: $GVT…

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