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  • 8 Feb 2018


GIFTO (GTO): Coinnest Listing  8 Feb 2018  (published 1 month 19 days ago)

GTO will be listed on Coinnest exchange on 8th February, 2018.
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GIFTO Latest News:

1d 14h 场景的应用(AAA): via @YouTube
1d 14h Introducing GIFTO Nerd Club! How well do you know GIFTO. Put your knowledge to the test with our GIFTO Trivia Serie…
2d 12h GIFTO Weekly Update - March 20, 2018
2d 13h I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Token Economics (AAA)
2d 13h I added a video to a @YouTube playlist 代币经济(AAA)
2d 13h I added a video to a @YouTube playlist GIFTO Business Development (AAA)
2d 13h GIFTO Business Development (AAA): via @YouTube
2d 18h RT @OKEx_: Who Doesn’t Love Free Stuff? $GTO Here you go~
2d 20h 3 million GTO giveaway on OKEx this week! @OKEx_
4d 14h Join us for Ask Andy Anything (AAA) on Telegram this Friday at 7:30AM! Live from the Beijing Office
4d 14h I just published “GIFTO Weekly Update — 20 March 2018”
5d 14h New interview out today on GIFTO Post-ICO
9d 18h We created a cool, digital greeting card where you can send GIFTOs to your loved ones. Check out the White Valentin…
9d 18h How to add your VTG to Metamask: via @YouTube
9d 18h 代币经济(AAA): via @YouTube
10d 15h Token Economics (AAA): via @YouTube
10d 19h Happy π day everyone~! What do you think if we make GIFTO logo as a real pie? Sounds yummy
11d 13h I just published “GIFTO Weekly Update — 13 March 2018”
12d 21h #giftofanwork Ready for a morning run? Looks like Team GIFTO wins
15d 15h GIFTO is now listed on Cobinhood @COBINHOOD
15d 21h Join @@andytian Andy's live interview now!
16d 21h #HerStoryOurStory Happy International Woman's Day Ladies!
17d 13h The Gifto Team is excited to launch our 'Ask Andy Anything' (AAA) series, where Andy Tian, the CEO of...
17d 14h [Joint Forces] We are excited to announce this strategic cooperation partnership with…
17d 14h I just published “GIFTO与DATx达成战略合作协议”
17d 14h I just published “GIFTO Announces Strategic Cooperation Partnership with Advertising-Centric Blockchain, DATx, for…”
17d 21h Makeup on blockchain
17d 21h Hello Instagram! GIFTO is here! You are more than welcome to comment or share your gifto photos…
18d 13h I just published “GIFTO Weekly Updates — 6 March 2018”
18d 14h So excited to collaborate with @DATxOfficial ! Looking forward to our bright future

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