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  • 20 Mar 2018 — 24 Jan 2018


Gnosis (GNO): Speaker At Token 2049  20 Mar 2018  (published 1 month 6 days ago)

Martin Köppelmann, Gnosis CEO and Co-Founder, will be speaking at Token 2049 in Hong Kong on 20-21 March, 2018.
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Gnosis (GNO): London Dev Event  22 Feb 2018  (published 2 months 17 days ago)

Stefan George, Gnosis CTO, will be speaking at London Dev event on 22nd February, 2018.
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Gnosis (GNO): Cobinhood Listing   8 Feb 2018  (published 2 months 21 days ago)

Gnosis will be listed on Cobinhood Exchange on February 8th, 2018.
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Gnosis (GNO): Developers AMA  5 Feb 2018  (published 2 months 19 days ago)

Gnosis Developers Community Call on Youtube will be on 5th February, at 9PM CET.
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Gnosis (GNO): Meetup in Berlin  24 Jan 2018  (published 2 months 28 days ago)

Gnosis DEX presentation + Auction Mechanism implemented in the Gnosis DEX at Web3 Foundation Meetup
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Gnosis Latest News:

1h #ECTAsia over 100 people are currently hacking in #Seoul on integrations of prediction markets, DAOs, decentralized…
18h Meet our CTO @StefanDGeorge on April 24th at Oslo Blockchain Day! #OBD18
1d #ECTAsia in #Seoul @melonport presenting how smart contracts can automate the process of setting up and running inv…
1d 2h Gnosis gain +6% reaches $110 today.
2d 5h Why only 1M out of 10M to tokens in supply as of now?
2d 17h Scientists are looking for new ways to forecast the spread of #epidemics. Prediction markets have a successful trac…
2d 17h Join @bennadja at @SHE_256 @UCBerkeley on April 23rd where she'll talk about how prediction markets can be leverage…
2d 23h #ECTAsia #Day2 We are working hard on being more widely known not only for prediction markets but also our decentra…
3d Great first #meetup yesterday on the #ECTAsia tour! Big thanks to @smartcontractjp and @ETH_Japan for hosting us!
3d 17h Come say hi
3d 17h Prediction markets on maritime traffic patterns could aggregate information from locals, meteorologists, or even fi…
3d 17h “What’s crucial when jumping into #blockchain is to understand that you’re in it for the long run in order to get a…
3d 18h Gnosis is joining with @AragonProject, @MakerDAO, @melonport & @raiden_network to meet the…
4d 1h has begun! Great audience for our first meet up here in #Tokyo
4d 6h We are joining a meetup tour with @AragonProject @raiden_network @MakerDAO & @melonport (…
4d 19h Join @koeppelmann and other #Ethereum builders tomorrow in Kyiv for @dapp_dev! #dAppsarecoming
6d 7h Which country will be the first to pass laws that will allow fully autonomous vehicles on streets? Is the technolog…
9d 15h Meet @bennadja, one of the power women driving Comms @gnosisPM at @SHE_256 in Berkeley!
10d 20h How do you stay up to date with Gnosis news?
10d 23h "With Blockchain, it costs a few cents to make someone a shareholder of your project. I think we’ll move towards pe…
11d 3h Will we be able to meet the goals set by the Paris climate agreement to limit warming and preserve ice during summe…
14d 3h Already started building your prediction market dApp for Gnosis X and wondered how to get a smart contract instance…
16d 3h DAOstack partnership
16d 16h We created a simple crypto events/announcements calendar website for Gnosis (GNO)
17d 4h Have you already registered for Gnosis X? Program registrations are open now! Build your own prediction market dApp…
17d 4h Having talked about the number of benefits for participants of the DutchX in our last posts, let’s now take a close…
17d 15h What is Gnosis (GNO)? | Beginner's Guide
20d 9h We are hiring! Are you based in Japan and would like to get involved? We are looking for a community manager in Ja…
21d 14h What is with the huge price drop!?
22d 4h The founder’s of #EthereumECF discussing the challenges and opportunities of growing the community. Sharing knowled…

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