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  • 22 Feb 2018 — 24 Jan 2018


Gnosis (GNO): London Dev Event  22 Feb 2018  (published 22 days ago)

Stefan George, Gnosis CTO, will be speaking at London Dev event on 22nd February, 2018.
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Gnosis (GNO): Cobinhood Listing   8 Feb 2018  (published 26 days ago)

Gnosis will be listed on Cobinhood Exchange on February 8th, 2018.
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Gnosis (GNO): Developers AMA  5 Feb 2018  (published 24 days ago)

Gnosis Developers Community Call on Youtube will be on 5th February, at 9PM CET.
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Gnosis (GNO): Meetup in Berlin  24 Jan 2018  (published 1 month 2 days ago)

Gnosis DEX presentation + Auction Mechanism implemented in the Gnosis DEX at Web3 Foundation Meetup
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Gnosis Latest News:

1d 2h RT @stephantual: "Because miners can reorder transactions, front running is a challenge for decentralized exchanges on the blockchain" - @S…    twitter.com
1d 6h Today in Cambridge catch Gnosis' @koeppelmann and @StefanDGeorge talking #RewiringGovernance at    twitter.com
2d 2h We’re so excited to launch Gnosis X—the first step to build out a powerful, decentralized network on top of Gnosis.    reddit.com
2d 2h We’re so excited to launch Gnosis X—the first step to build out a powerful, decentralized network on top of Gnosis.     twitter.com
2d 6h We're hiring a Human Resources Coordinator! Join us in Berlin and help grow the Gnosis team.    twitter.com
2d 7h RT @AssethFR: #EthCC @StefanDGeorge from @gnosisPM will talk about Gnosis Safe - 2 Factor Authentication for Ethereum and lessons learned f…    twitter.com
5d 3h GNO token is now available on Lykke Exchange. Trading is with 0% fee. Gnosis builds revolutionary market-driven forecasting technology to let you shape the future.    reddit.com
7d RT @StefanDGeorge: Join the Ethereum Meetup in London this Wednesday 21st of February! I will present our #DutchExchange for fair token tra…    twitter.com
8d 7h Is anyone actually interested in building a prediction site with gnosis?    reddit.com
8d 20h Gnosis is talked about mainly on twitter. Not much activity on reddit. In general, gnosis has relatively low social volume. What do you think?    reddit.com
9d 8h gnosis ms wallet - deposit, withdraw, confirm buttons disabled    reddit.com
10d 2h RT @Crypto_CAC: Which blockchain startups are changing the rules of their industry? Join @Crypto_CAC on the 26-27th of February and find ou…    twitter.com
15d 7h RT @foamspace: We are excited to be joining Full Node – Europe's largest co-working space for blockchain companies. w great company @tender…    twitter.com
16d 1h What Is Gnosis?    themerkle.com
16d 3h Fees paid in the Gnosis Dutch Exchange stay in the Dutch Exchange! Learn more about our fee mechanism and how Tulip…    twitter.com
17d 7h We're very excited to be featured on @coinnext_net, talking about how @gnosisPM's decentralized prediction markets…    twitter.com
19d 21h Our fourth Gnosis Developers Community Call is live now!    twitter.com
20d 1h We'd like to introduce you to all the lovely faces of our growing team, and discuss how we can make Gnosis successf…    twitter.com
20d 5h London Dev Event. 22 Feb 2018    reddit.com
20d 6h Join us today for the Gnosis Developers Community Call at 9PM CET! There's still time to post your questions for th…    twitter.com
21d 21h London devs     twitter.com
21d 22h RT @StefanDGeorge: Join our workshop Feb 22nd about building apps with the Gnosis prediction market platform!    twitter.com
22d 19h Cobinhood Listing. 2 Feb 2018    reddit.com
23d 4h RT @ConsenSys: 2018 will be a major year for decentralized exchanges. Find out everything you need to know about this emergent tech with @V…    twitter.com
23d 22h “One of Blockchain’s promises is a certain idea of interdependence—Blockchain creates a full technical system of in…    twitter.com
24d 2h How 'Ideological Sock' triumphed in Gnosis Olympia    reddit.com
24d 5h Vote for Gnosis ;)    reddit.com
24d 6h Excited to announce that @koeppelmann will be speaking at the @token2049 conference in Hong Kong this March! See yo…    twitter.com
24d 6h "Ideological Sock" scored by far the highest number of OLY in Gnosis Olympia, and took home the    twitter.com
24d 7h Our next Gnosis Developers Community Call will be this Monday, 5 February, at 9PM CET. Submit questions for the AMA…    twitter.com

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