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3d 15h RT @coindesk: Report: Japanese Crypto Exchanges Unite to Form Self-Regulatory Group    twitter.com
3d 16h RT @Encrypted_Genes: @EncrypGen is now featured in @newscientist magazine. Create a free account or login with Google to read it: https://…    twitter.com
15d 8h RT @bisq_network:     twitter.com
18d 6h RT @RayGrahana: Despite Dropoff, 'There's Nothing Wrong With The #Crypto Markets,' Says Crypto Asset Manager via @forbes    twitter.com
18d 6h RT @CryptoPro8: I expect relatively good news tomorrow in regards to the crypto regulations. It sounds like it's going to affect ICO's more…    twitter.com
18d 6h RT @naval: Markets adapt much faster these days. Crypto went from the “Netscape Moment” to the “Dotcom Bubble” to the “Crash of 2000” in mo…    twitter.com
26d 18h RT @alistairmilne: Someone has opened nearly 4000 BTC of shorts vs USD since around 8am. We are either being front-run or they want to caus…    twitter.com
27d 7h RT @Socal_crypto: I have sells set at 12k, 13k and 14k because I'm not retarded and I take profit on the way up. My long is already a freer…    twitter.com
27d 7h RT @ErikVoorhees: Super cool motion histogram: history of ICO's and token sales #crypto #blockchain #ICO    twitter.com
27d 7h RT @Encrypted_Genes: 12:36am EST January 28, 2018 I'm pleased to announce to the #Crypto and #Genomics world, that I have just successfull…    twitter.com
27d 7h RT @BKBrianKelly: 807,000 people have singed up for @RobinhoodApp crypto trading!!! 800,000!!!! Companies might want to rethink the ban…    twitter.com
29d 16h RT @Encrypted_Genes: #OwnYourGenome #genealogy #familyhistory #ancestry #genetics #genomics #DNA #biohacking #citizenscience #emergingtechn…    twitter.com
1m 1d 20h In under a year from its ICO, @Encrypgen has released its platform to upload your $DNA into the world's 1st #Crypto #DNA market! #genealogy #familyhi    twitter.com
1m 1d 20h 2018 Predictions Bitcoin $100,000,000 Ethereum $7,000 Neo $2,000 Ripple $3 Cardano $2.5 Dash $8,000 EOS $100 Litecoin $1,000 Bitcoin Private $2,500 Stellar $2 Monero $1,250 Lisk $220 Stratis $80 Too Bullish again? Time will tell. #Bitcoin #Crypto #HOD    twitter.com
1m 1d 21h Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor interview on @Nasdaq by @biz_michael about #Dash's meteoric rise! Read it here: #Crypto #FinTech #Cryptocurrency #Finance #TechNewspic.twitter.com/    twitter.com
1m 1d 22h Live video of my followers trying to survive the market makerpic.twitter.com/qT0WvKWYsV    twitter.com
1m 1d 22h The single biggest dynamic driving cryptocurrency markets on a long time frame is the reflexivity of regulation. Crypto value rises sharply - it invites regulation that kicks it back down. 3 steps forward, 2 steps back.     twitter.com
1m 10d 22h US Government Fears Bitcoin Will Be the Next "Swiss Bank Account" tnx @bitcoinist @gil_pulgar | #Crypto #News    twitter.com
1m 10d 22h CONFIRMED! $DNA will have a new exchange for US residents by Friday, Jan 19th, 2018. This is said to be a Top-20 exchange! @EncrypGen #OwnYourGenome #genealogy #familyhistory #ancestry #genetics #genomics #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Crypto #Blockchain #Tradi    twitter.com
1m 11d 1h when analyzing my portfolio chart I can't get around to come to the conclusion that the next days and weeks seem to become astonishingly profitable. dunno how that is supposed to work as I am already up +460 % in BTC in 4 weeks by just hodling. crypto,     twitter.com
1m 11d 16h Also, @Liqui_Exchange just banned me for asking about why my Withdrawals were taking close to 24 hours. This is why #crypto exchanges need government regulation! @NacBank_UA_en @ServiceSsu Oleg Churiy @Cointelegraph #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Blockchain #Trad    twitter.com
1m 16d 1h @EncrypGen's $DNA just added to @OKEx_. 5th biggest #Crypto exchange! * $24B addressable market * 1st #DNA market in the world * Proprietary IP, #AI * Commercial Gene-Chain customers * MyGeneChain + Lite App Jan/Feb #OwnYourGenome #Bitcoin #Ethereum #    twitter.com
1m 18d 9h Still researching small caps and found $DNA. U.S. company (@EncrypGen) that's been around since before the ICO craze. Token used by genomics companies to buy DNA data from ordinary people. First entrant in a colossal emerging industry, $23m market cap. Th    twitter.com
1m 21d 20h @Encrypgen is going to prove its worth in 2018! #genealogy #familyhistory #ancestry #genetics #genomics #DNA #biohacking #citizenscience #emergingtechnologies #biology $D    twitter.com
1m 21d 22h In the dotcom bubble, institutions/funds got in first, and mainstreet investors got in last. In the crypto bubble, mainstreet investors are getting in first, and institutions will be last. Crypto too scary for board approval.    twitter.com
2m 2d 15h Today: when panic buying turns into panic selling turns into panic buying lol. Boy, these new guys sure do get spooked easily. pic.twitter.com/tWpBy2PKEP    twitter.com
2m 2d 17h Bitcoin could drop $10,000 USD and I probably still wouldnt give much of a fuck. This year has been awesome.    twitter.com
2m 3d 1h Well, it looks like @Encrypgen showed up to the party just in time. #OwnYourGenome #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Genomics #Ancestry #Genealogy $DNA @SenSchumer    twitter.com
2m 3d 3h All 3 of us became crypto investors this year. Our goal was $1+ million by end of year. We've all achieved our goal this year. 3 young, black, & African millionaires. Breaking down doors & ceilings, while paving the way for the next generation. All thanks    twitter.com
2m 4d 9h Unpopular opinion: Coinbase will end up as the Friendster or MySpace of the crypto industry    twitter.com

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