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  • 19 Mar 2018


Gamecredits (GAME): Game Development Conference  19 Mar 2018  (published 23 days ago)

GameCredits will attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on 19-23 March, 2018.
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3d 5h RT @ccm_jp: GameCredits(GNation):ウォーゲーミング社、 Marat Karpeko共同創立者とのトークが公開される @gamecredits @gnationglobal    twitter.com
3d 6h Version 0.7.12 of our PC Store/mining client was released! This version focused on mining pool changes and new bat…    twitter.com
4d You can buy PUBG with $GAME in our beta PC store/mining client! Join our discord to learn more and download the a…    twitter.com
4d 1h RT @gnationglobal: Finally, here it is! Interview with Co-Founder of @wargaming_net is now live on our Youtube channel! Are we sharing…    twitter.com
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6d 8h GameCredits is on Telegram! You can join our growing community here: #cryptocurrency…    twitter.com
7d 6h You can buy XCom 2 with $GAME in our beta PC store/mining client! Join our discord to learn more and download the…    twitter.com
8d 1h Question on mining.    reddit.com
8d 1h Q. about mining    reddit.com
9d 1h You can buy CS:GO with $GAME in our beta PC store/mining client. Join our discord to download the application and…    twitter.com
9d 2h RT @gnationglobal: We had a very pleasant guest last week in our HQ - none another than Marat Karpeko, the Co-Founder of @wargaming_net !…    twitter.com
10d 2h RT @jack_kuveke: Just talked with GameCredits CTO Nikola Djokic over tea about future tech releases, state of ongoing development, and pote…    twitter.com
10d 3h RT @WTFcryptospace: Thanks to @jack_kuveke from @gamecredits for our chat about Game Credits #cryptomining, #newreleases and his move to Be…    twitter.com
10d 3h RT @nicholastsansom: @gamecredits the desktop beta application has been great so far. In the past 24 hours I’ve mined heaps! Keep up the gr…    twitter.com
10d 5h You can buy Grand Theft Auto V with $GAME in our beta PC store/mining client. Join our discord to download the ap…    twitter.com
11d 1h RT @gnationglobal: Accept, cherish, spread. Today, we celebrate #love! Happy Valentine’s Day, #gaming nation! #GamersUnite #Valentines #v…    twitter.com
11d 1h We want to take a second to highlight one of our developers. So today, meet Misha! Misha is currently refactoring…    twitter.com
11d 7h RT @jack_kuveke: GameCredits community members, we're looking for your help beta testing our products! If you would be interested in helpi…    twitter.com
11d 7h You can buy Nioh in our beta PC store with $GAME! Join our discord to learn more and download the application:…    twitter.com
11d 7h RT @gnationglobal: Day 1 of @ESLCS #CS Pro League has finished! Pretty interesting matches were played in the first day of the tournament…    twitter.com
12d GameCredits is on telegram! Be sure to join and ask us anything, we're happy to give you answers:…    twitter.com
12d 1h RT @gnationglobal: Most played #games AT THIS MOMENT, worldwide, are: 1. The @ElderScrolls V: #Skyrim (1,8M) 2. The @witchergame 3: Wild…    twitter.com
12d 2h You can buy The Evil Within 2 with $GAME in our beta PC store! Learn more and download the application on our dis…    twitter.com
12d 5h So... Game has its own desktop client with mining. Does mining work there? How does it work?    reddit.com
13d We just passed 3,000 members on our discord! Thank you for all of the support recently. If you haven't joined our…    twitter.com

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