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FeatherCoin Latest News:

7h Attention! #Feathercoin is signaling for #SegWit on block 2,120,000. ~16 days Please upgrade to 0.13. Download it…    twitter.com
2d 4h Come on everyone! Go download #Feathercoin 0.13 !     twitter.com
4d 13h What makes Feathercoin different from other currencies out there?    reddit.com
5d 6h Feathercoin has a new pool! - 0% Fee, PROP payout system. #Bitcoin #Feathercoin #GPUMining #NeoScrypt    twitter.com
6d 14h RT @Crypt0Sauce: There's a new #Feathercoin pool in town. 0% fee, 100% free and Open Source #Bitcoin #Feathercoin…    twitter.com
8d 2h Luckygames official Feathercoin forums discussion & news thread    reddit.com
8d 4h Feathercoin has a new pool!    reddit.com
14d 6h Feathercoin (FTC) Announcements for the last 7 days    reddit.com
15d 5h FTC gives internet scam victims more time to get money back from Western Union    theverge.com
15d 15h Feathercoin 0.13 available from the GitHub release page. The first Version Bits block to signal support for CSV and…    twitter.com
16d 8h Feathercoin Difficullty Spike    reddit.com
18d 1h Hash rate issue    reddit.com
18d 10h New P2pool that supports the development of Feathercoin    reddit.com
19d 1h Just made my first 100 FTC mining!    reddit.com
19d 21h How can i get started mining with my gpu/cpu    reddit.com
20d 3h Is Trump’s Antitrust Policy Pro-U.S. Business? A New FTC Action Casts Doubt    fortune.com
21d 21h feathercoin wallet?    reddit.com
21d 23h Feathercoin Core Wallet Update Speed    reddit.com
22d 3h Feathercoin 0.13 on github. Update your wallets    reddit.com
23d 7h Will lightning strike twice?    reddit.com
23d 10h Possible to mine ftc with ccminer Alexis?    reddit.com
25d 1h Feathercoin added to the Cheddur app!    reddit.com
26d 7h I think this coin is about to moon    reddit.com
26d 9h is ftc a good investment right now? it seems...    reddit.com
27d 12h Anyone know how to set up a price alert for Feathercoin?    reddit.com
28d 12h Feathercoin 0.13 source code released    reddit.com
28d 12h Feathercoin 0.13 source now available. Binaries will follow later in the week. Version Bit block numbering starts on block 2,120,000 to signal for SegWit. … #feathercoin    twitter.com
28d 15h 1ltc for 650 ftc    reddit.com
29d 4h Will push Feathercoin 0.13 source to GitHub tomorrow so people can pull and test their own copies of the client, binaries will be made available once wider testing has completed. #feathercoin    twitter.com
29d 13h Segwit and Lightning Network + FTC being implemented    reddit.com

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