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Metaverse Latest News:

10h zdc ico
12h Introducing Manlin Dai, our San Francisco Bay Area Metaverse Ambassador
12h I just published “Metaverse San Francisco Bay Area Ambassador”
12h Weekly Discussion - March 22, 2018
1d 22h Digital Identities are key to scalable Government services
2d 12h We would like to thank our community for getting actively involved in our last AMA! There were several additional o…
2d 15h Metaverse Lightwallet Developer Intro – Sven Mutzl
2d 15h Dear community, Sven Mutzl just wrote this intro article on how to build and how to contribute code to the Metavers…
3d 13h Weekly update March 12th - 18th
3d 15h Metaverse Weekly report 12th - 18th March
3d 15h I just published “Weekly report of March 12th — 18th”
4d 12h ETP worst investment 2017-2018
4d 14h Rebrand in the works, per CTO Hao Chen!
4d 15h I would like to express my gratitude to the MVS team
4d 17h Deposits and withdrawals have been resumed on Bitfinexx
5d 11h Important update: The Metaverse Hard Fork and the Mainnet Upgrade
5d 11h The Metaverse Hard Fork and the Mainnet Upgrade
5d 11h Attack on Metaverse is fixed
6d 10h Let's not forget why we bought ETP in the first place.
6d 16h Rebrand design #2
6d 18h Announcement: Regarding the Metaverse Hard Fork #Metaverse #mvs
6d 21h where exactly is Metaverse heading to?
7d 1h Critical vulnerability in difficulty retarget algo · Issue #274 · mvs-org/metaverse
7d 3h An important message for the Metaverse team
7d 8h An eventual rebranding with Entropy! Thanks to the marketing team for this. I hope they will do it.
7d 11h Fuck this project
7d 11h ETP HARD FORK all your coins are SAFE! update soon.
7d 20h [Notice] Hardfork Explanation to Community
7d 21h Weekly Discussion - March 15, 2018

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