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17h Polish bookmaker STS signs deal with Polish Esport League. As a part of this arrangement, on March 9th, some of the…    twitter.com
18h #eSports To Grow Substantially And Near Billion-Dollar Revenues In 2018. The significant growth in projected revenu…    twitter.com
18h How @MLS is using #FIFA18 #eSports to reach the next generation of soccer fans and the #eMLS Cup is just the begin…    twitter.com
1d 1h Starseries #iLeague Season 4 Round 5 Preview. Here is the full match order for Round 5, which will determine the l…    twitter.com
1d 2h An Exclusive #eSports Space: The World’s First Purpose-Built eSports Stadium Is Built In China. “Everybody think…    twitter.com
1d 14h . @NRGgg begins partnership with @enjin Coin to deliver more #cryptocurrency into the #gaming scene. This is the fi…    twitter.com
1d 15h Australian #eSports Club @ORDER_army Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign.     twitter.com
1d 15h Going Into Week 5 Of @LeagueOfLegends Korea - Recap And Preview. Will @KINGZONEDX's winning streak of 14 consecut…    twitter.com
1d 16h Toronto #eSports' #Overwatch squad join Contenders in partnership with @BostonUprising. It is the organization's "…    twitter.com
1d 16h Overwatch League Stage 2 Undergoes Schedule Changes. Weekday matches in Stage 2 will start at 4:00 pm PST Saturda…    twitter.com
1d 20h is #LIVE streaming the ESL One Katowice 2018! Don't miss it! You can watch it here:…    twitter.com
2d 15h New @DOTA2 Update is Out - A relief for supports. The first bi-weekly has finally arrived and we were all thinking…    twitter.com
2d 16h #eSports @compLexityLive Defeats @EvilGeniuses And @OpTicGaming on Wednesday in the North American regional closed…    twitter.com
2d 17h KiINGZONE DragonX - Who can beat them? With enemy teams having suffered crushing defeats against @KINGZONEDX the d…    twitter.com
2d 18h Blizzard Announces Balance Changes To #Overwatch. The changes are currently available for play testing and will go…    twitter.com
2d 20h Effect came out of nowhere to complete their lower bracket run at the CIS Regional Qualifiers for DAC 2018, capping…    twitter.com
2d 21h . @overwatchleague team @ShanghaiDragons announced they have signed 4 new players, including the first female…    twitter.com
3d 20h RT @TheOverwolf: #HearthStone arena player? Draft like a pro with @heartharena!     twitter.com
5d 16h Capcom CEO Says 2018 Will Be “eSports Year One”. Citing the inclusion of #eSports at the 2022 Asian Games and the…    twitter.com
5d 18h Daytona 500 Race Week Features #eSports Tournament On Mobile Stage. @NASCAR has announced its Heat Champions eSport…    twitter.com
5d 19h How Major League #Baseball Is Approaching Future Entry Into #eSports. “I think it’s all about fan engagement, and…    twitter.com
5d 20h London @Spitfire has revealed its @overwatch Contenders team, British @Hurricane. The name Hurricane was chosen as…    twitter.com
5d 21h Richmond Raceway has become the first @NASCAR Cup Series track to operate its own #eSports team for the 2018 NASCAR…    twitter.com
6d 3h New Balance Update For Maiev. Only a few days after releasing close-quarter-combat assassin Maiev, @Blizzard_ANZ de…    twitter.com
6d 14h Everyone Is #Betting On Growth Of #eSports Wagering In 2018! Optimism for the future of betting on eSports is very…    twitter.com
6d 16h #eSports week: @Sportradar’s James Watson on the future of betting and integrity in pro gaming explains how eSports…    twitter.com
6d 17h Schedule Changes For Stage 2 from @overwatchleague. - Stage Finals move to Sundays at 1 p.m. PST - Weekday matche…    twitter.com
6d 18h At a time when virtually every other sport and entertainment option is losing viewership and market share, #eSports…    twitter.com
6d 19h . @intel and @ESL have today announced the inaugural Global Esports Forum, a one day esports conference for brands,…    twitter.com
6d 20h Allegiance acquired by Infinite #eSports & Entertainment. @TeamAllegiance shut down operations back in 2017, but…    twitter.com

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