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  • 19 Dec 2017 — 7 Dec 2017


Einsteinium (EMC2): Announcement  19 Dec 2017  (published 2 months 2 days ago)

EMC2 mind-blowing announcement to be made on December 19th
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Einsteinium (EMC2): Hard Fork & Coin Burn  9 Dec 2017  (published 2 months 12 days ago)

Fork will occur on block 1699157. After the FORK, approximately 55 Million coins will be burned from the future supply. There will be half a million coins less per month added to the circulating supply.
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Einsteinium (EMC2): Hardfork  7 Dec 2017  (published 2 months 14 days ago)

Target Hardfork Block: 1699157 Approximate Hardfork date: 2017/12/7
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Einsteinium Latest News:

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3d 22h RT @NASAGoddardPix: Hubble scientist know that it took more than 5 billion years for the light from this galaxy cluster to reach us. The li…    twitter.com
3d 22h RT @ScienceNews: Dying, it turns out, is not like flipping a switch.     twitter.com
4d 1h 2/2 Lighting Network vs Master Nodes, let's start discussion on that. What do you think? We am more for Lighting Ne…    twitter.com
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4d 7h RT @sciencebeta: Researchers successfully reverse #Alzheimer's disease in mouse model    twitter.com
5d 2h RT @SPACEdotcom: Astronomers Will Fight to Save WFIRST Space Telescope from Being Axed    twitter.com
5d 3h is there individual who wrote "MINDBLOWING" still on the team?    reddit.com
5d 4h RT @newscientist: Stem cells zapped with radiation can protect mice from cancer    twitter.com
5d 5h RT @Harvard: Scientists at Harvard study sharkskin in order to design better drones, planes, cars, and wind turbines    twitter.com
5d 5h RT @ESA_EO: If     twitter.com
5d 5h RT @physorg_com: Physicists speed up droplet-wrapping process @umassamherst @sciencemagazine    twitter.com
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5d 5h RT @physorg_com: Supermassive #blackholes are outgrowing their #galaxies @ChandraXray @RoyalAstroSoc    twitter.com
6d 3h RT @physorg_com: #Supermassiveblackhole model predicts characteristic light signals at cusp of collision @ritnews @AAS_Office @AAS_Publishi…    twitter.com
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11d 6h New Mac and Linux wallet builds    reddit.com

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