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Emercoin Latest News:

4d 20h Trading range of Emercoin is between 2.8 and 4.2. Very strong resistance and support. I would expect EMC to trade in this range up to the point when general market exits side wave.    reddit.com
5d 9h Emercoin partners with Coca-Cola...Big news for Blockchain    reddit.com
5d 12h Coca-Cola, U.S. State Dept to use Emercoin blockchain to combat forced labor    reddit.com
5d 21h PortaOne and Emercoin: Blockchain P2P VoIP Exchange    reddit.com
9d 5h RT @blockonomi: Beginner’s Guide to Emercoin: Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Platform $EMC #emercoin @emercoin_press @…    twitter.com
9d 5h Beginner’s Guide to Emercoin: Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Platform    reddit.com
10d 4h 6-month EMC chart looks strong with key indicators    reddit.com
12d 21h Hi everyone, we offer a very unique service that we have dubbed 'In Real Life' mining. If anyone is interested we can take EMC and pay out earnings in EMC as well. Let me know if you have any questions at all.    reddit.com
16d 21h Huge jump in sentiment also of emercoin on 3 March. Trading themes mostly: "Trades, Check, Pro, ..." Sentiment, tags and themes at a glance for EMC.    reddit.com
21d 3h How to transfer a wallet ?    reddit.com
1m 2d 2h Emercoin 2018 strategy    reddit.com
1m 2d 4h Emercoin 2018 Strategy:    twitter.com
1m 2d 7h Japan VC IT-Farm makes strategic investment in Emercoin    cryptoninjas.net
1m 3d 3h +18% in 7 days!    reddit.com
1m 11d 6h Light Wallet    reddit.com
1m 12d 2h Emercoin price Prediction up to $10    reddit.com
1m 16d Emercoin and eZuce Speed Up Adoption of Blockchain Phone and Video Services    reddit.com
1m 17d You can mine here!    reddit.com
1m 17d Check out the Our Pool -- Listed Emer Coin    reddit.com
1m 20d 9h Proof of stake split    reddit.com
1m 20d 20h Emercoin in the news again:    twitter.com
1m 20d 22h XTC Unicorn Fund Invests in Emercoin:    twitter.com
1m 22d 15h Is EmerCoin A good Choice to Invest in 2018?    reddit.com
1m 28d 9h Emercoin Blockchain Strengthens Project with Additions to Advisory Board    reddit.com
1m 30d 2h XTC Unicorn Fund makes strategic investment in Emercoin    cryptoninjas.net
2m 2d 1h [Announcement] We just added Emercoin to Cryptflix! Check it out and let us know what you think!    reddit.com
2m 3d Upcoming Event: Emercoin-(EMC)-OKEx-Listing - February 15, 2018 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM    reddit.com
2m 4d 1h first month minting results!    reddit.com
2m 4d 23h Emercoin Meetup at BTC Miami    reddit.com
2m 6d 21h Heard of this Brand new Coin Exchange Platform yet? Sign up now to receive a hefty bonus of 500 usd fee reduction!    reddit.com

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