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  • 31 Jan 2018 — 26 Jan 2018


E-CurrencyCoin (ECC): Q&A on Reddit   31 Jan 2018  (published 1 month 24 days ago)

Q&A on ECC reddit channel on the 31th of January at 22:00 GMT/UTC +1.
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E-CurrencyCoin (ECC): Wallet and Website Launch  26 Jan 2018  (published 1 month 30 days ago)

ECC's brand new website and wallet will be launched on 26th of January.
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E-CurrencyCoin Latest News:

17h Time for some ans testing...    twitter.com
1d 6h Trillions of dollars of tech marketshare are ripe to be disrupted by blockchain. No modern tech company is safe. Wh…    twitter.com
1d 15h RT @00_schatt: Isn't it nice to wake up, check out the #ECC Slack channel and read about a sophisticated convo between the lead developer @…    twitter.com
1d 17h RT @JoshuaPetersen0: Click to vote: @QlinkMobi @indaHash @crypterium @hiveproject_net @tokencard_io @DECENTplatfor…    twitter.com
2d 2h This crypto movement isn't about any one coin, so today we'd like to take a moment to recognize all the hard workin…    twitter.com
2d 7h RT @MrCryptoCarlton: In $ECC I trust! #BuiltLikeBlockchain #ECCfamily #ECC #ProjectECC    twitter.com
3d 2h em•pow•er /əm ' pou(ə)r/ verb past tense: empowered To give (someone) the authority or power to do something. "$E…    twitter.com
3d 21h Congrats to @brunoalano (an ECC core developer) for being featured in @gazetadopovo, a major newspaper in Brazil. T…    twitter.com
4d 6h Big corporations and their current privacy practices are exactly why $ECC is building secure file storage and messa…    twitter.com
5d 4h RT @cryptocurrentl1: Who has the best #crypto community? @project_ecc @electroneum @AdosiaIO @chimaera_tech    twitter.com
6d 1h Weekly Dev Stand-up — Mar 18, 2018 #ECC #ProjectECC #ECCfamily     twitter.com
7d 7h RT @ECCbuddha: That white dot. That's $ECC among a sea of hype coins. That white dot. That's $BTC (bitcoin) emerging from the corrupt fiat…    twitter.com
8d 1h $ECC is happy to annouce that our website is now available in 8 different languages. Go check it out when you get a…    twitter.com
8d 1h RT @CryptoCrazy88: I've added #Sapphire stickers to the @project_ecc store. #ECCfamily get out there & stick them in weird & wonderful plac…    twitter.com
8d 23h RT @moonstatscom: ECC $ECC is now listed on     twitter.com
9d 1h Well this was a good read!     twitter.com
9d 7h Just so everyone is aware, this $ECC project has NO association with our current project and should be observed wit…    twitter.com
10d 6h All of us are watching a huge technological transformation take place right before our eyes, and the way the intern…    twitter.com
11d 9h The $ECC marketing team is working on a large content initiative to get us more exposure, and we need your help…    twitter.com
12d 5h $ECC wants to give a big thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out the ECC Market Survey over the past 2 wee…    twitter.com
13d 5h "Weekly Dev Stand-up - March 11, 2018" #ECC #ProjectECC #ECCfamily     twitter.com
14d Which $ECC network service will you be most excited about becoming available to use via our multi-chain platform?…    twitter.com
15d 3h There are less than 80 votes left for $ECC to apprear on the first page of Next Exchange's up vote coin list. Two d…    twitter.com
15d 3h RT @CryptoCrazy88: For those asking, this is where you can get @project_ecc merchandise: Profits donated to the $ECC team! #cryptocurrency…    twitter.com
15d 4h Website is back online. It was temporarily down for security issue mitigation    twitter.com
15d 13h I hate it when sushi places put too much rice and skimp out on the fish a bit, super annoying. But the up side is i…    twitter.com
16d 5h While blockchain sparks the idea of an evolution, cryptocurrency sparks the idea of a revolution. How lucky are all…    twitter.com
16d 8h RT @derekbungard: Get your votes in guys! @project_ecc    twitter.com
17d 3h Ever watched the lead developer of a cryptocurrency code live? Well that's exactly what $ECC is bringing directly t…    twitter.com
17d 5h RT @CryptoCrazy88: Pleased to announce all items in the $ECC store are now available #Globally! You can now choose your location when you s…    twitter.com

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