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9d 8h Surveying the #ICO Playing Field with @TokensNet CEO @damianmerlak    twitter.com
1m 5d 1h RT @TokensNet: We have successfully acquired an Extended Validation (EV) certificate in order to improve the security of    twitter.com
1m 5d 1h We have successfully acquired an Extended Validation (EV) certificate in order to improve the security of…    twitter.com
1m 20d 6h Status of - Message from Founder & CEO @damianmerlak: #Tokens…    twitter.com
1m 26d 5h Our CEO, @damianmerlak attended a panel at #bip001 in Kiev yesterday as a secret guest.    twitter.com
2m 13d 3h We’re hiring! See open positions here:     twitter.com
2m 21d 20h Tokens team wishes you a happy and successful New Year! #tokens #cryptocurrencypic.twitter.com/WpkRTnaBly    twitter.com
2m 29d 3h Did you know that ICO has been one of the most popularized crowdsale vehicles during 2017? We are witnessing enormous growth and Tokens aims to seize the potential. Watch this video by Elementus IO to learn what 4 years of ICO activity looked like: https:    twitter.com
2m 29d 9h Tokens team wishes you happy holidays and a Merry Christmas! #tokens #cryptocurrencypic.twitter.com/6Ks7fzGLQH    twitter.com
3m 1d 3h US is by far most active region by the number of active users per million people. There are 4,936 active users per million people whereas in EU the figure stands at 3,414 active users per million. Asia and Africa & Middle East are far below world average     twitter.com
3m 4d 3h There are currently around 7.58B people living on our planet and based on Tokens estimates only 9.4M are actively involved in crypto. That is 0.12% of the total population.pic.twitter.com/9vOk2zsBJV    twitter.com
3m 7d 3h Did you know how many new users have joined the crypto community this year alone? Based on our estimates the number of active users YoY has increased by 5.6M or by nearly 150%.pic.twitter.com/DDzs6x3syY    twitter.com
3m 12d 5h There’s still many of you who haven’t claimed DTR yet. To do so, find an email titled “Claim your DTR” and follow the instructions.    twitter.com
3m 16d 2h We have distributed DTR tokens to more than 1200 backers. The other ~600 backers are welcome to provide us their #ETH addresses via the claim page.pic.twitter.com/iasBOKm7lc    twitter.com
3m 16d 4h DTR is now trading at Livecoin (@livecoin_net) - $DTRBTC $DTRETHpic.twitter.com/Jdk0iCKkw1    twitter.com
3m 17d 7h 275+ backers have already received their tokens. 1500+ to go. Transactions are going out slowly due to #Ethereum network congestion. Thank you for your patience! #cryptocurrency    twitter.com
3m 17d 17h DTR tokens are being distributed this very moment - see it live at #ETH network is congested so transactions are taking a little longer than usual. If you've provided us with your E    twitter.com
3m 19d 22h We have started the token claim process. All backers have received an email with instructions on how to claim DTR. Read the email carefully, then click the "Go To DTR Claim Page" button.pic.twitter.com/5ruKLm0eua    twitter.com
3m 22d 3h Dear ICO backers, DTR token smart contract has already been deployed and is visible at We are performing final testing before DTR distribution starts. Claim page teaser:pic.twitter.    twitter.com
3m 26d 8h is proud to announce that DTR token sale has finished reaching the hard cap. Thank you!pic.twitter.com/odgpv1xj5r    twitter.com
3m 26d 13h Dear backers, we are excited to have reached $14M in funding. Thank you for your support. You can still back our project at until we reach the hard cap of $15M.pic.twitter.com/uvGDqIuCKC    twitter.com
3m 26d 20h @TokensNet rapidly approaching hard cap of $15m... #bitcoin #ethereum #cryptocurrency #ico #tokens    twitter.com
3m 28d 2h is featured in today’s @crunchbase newsletter:https://twitter.com/crunchbase/status/934106187292749824 …    twitter.com
3m 28d 5h Today our founders met with @damianmerlak, the founder of @bitstamp and @TokensNet, where they are doing an ICO for a new and innovative exchange that will list $VIB. They are close to their hard cap but you can still contribute here:     twitter.com
3m 28d 7h "Tokens raises over 12m with 10 days left for new crypto trading platform" by CryptoNinjas.    twitter.com
3m 29d 21h Only $20,000 left until $12M is reached. Thank you for participating! #tokens #cryptocurrency #blockchain    twitter.com
4m 5d 3h The Merkle: Tokens to Introduce Dynamic Trading Rights to Their New Cryptocurrency Trading Platform    twitter.com

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