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  • 29 Jan 2018 — 19 Dec 2017


Dragonchain (DRGN): Lifeid Presale Cancelled  29 Jan 2018  (published 2 months 1 day ago)

Upcoming presale has been cancelled. New Presales TBA.
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Dragonchain (DRGN): Look Lateral Presale  8 Jan 2018  (published 2 months 16 days ago)

Presale Jan 8th, 2018; available only to holders of Dragons.
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Dragonchain (DRGN): Subreddit Launch  19 Dec 2017  (published 3 months 5 days ago)

To make it official, we’ll be hosting our first AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Joe and the gang on Tuesday, December 19 at 10:30am PST.
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