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  • 30 Jan 2018 — 26 Jan 2018


Encrypgen (DNA): Festival of Genomics 2018  30 Jan 2018  (published 1 month 27 days ago)

David Koepsell, CEO of Encrypgen, will be presenting GeneChain that Encrypgen have produced.
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Encrypgen (DNA): Listing at TOP-20 Exchange  26 Jan 2018  (published 2 months 5 days ago)

DNA will announce listing at TOP-20 exchange by volume.
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Encrypgen Latest News:

1d 7h There, #fixedit #blockchain #genomics $DNA    twitter.com
1d 7h RT @WambergGenomic: #CancerGuardian Understanding the genetic mutations that are specific to every individual cancer is critical in identif…    twitter.com
1d 19h RT @Cointelegraph: Dutch judge rules #Bitcoin a “transferable value”, positive sign for #crypto acceptance as payment method.    twitter.com
1d 22h RT @SequencingCom: Five new ancient genomes tell us about Neanderthal tribes    twitter.com
2d 8h RT @Genomicsnew: Genomics Personalized Health Market Professional Research Report 2018 - Healthcare Journal    twitter.com
2d 11h RT @Kat_Arney: Is blockchain the solution to genetic privacy? We talk to @drkoepsell from @encrypgen in this month’s Naked Genetics podcast…    twitter.com
3d 6h RT @Kat_Arney: Would you monetise your genome? Blockchain tech might let you do it, says @drkoepsell from @encrypgen in the Naked Genetics…    twitter.com
3d 7h RT @simonlporter: How Businesses Are Collecting Your Data (And What They're Doing With It)    twitter.com
3d 7h RT @NakedScientists: Would you monetise your genome? Blockchain tech might let you do it, says @drkoepsell from @encrypgen in the Naked Gen…    twitter.com
3d 7h RT @APompliano: Coca-Cola and the US State Department just announced they will use blockchain technology "to combat forced labor in their s…    twitter.com
3d 12h RT @sytaylor: Data became the new oil Now the data Barron's are the new evil    twitter.com
3d 13h Indeed, no one but YOU should have control over your most personal data, and those using it should provide transpar…    twitter.com
4d 6h RT @Batygoal2: Order your DNA kits at codigo46, pay with $DNA token, get your DNA data and upload it on the My-Gene-Chain. Get paid for sha…    twitter.com
4d 22h RT @RedditBTC: U.S. Congress Officially Supports Blockchain Technology    twitter.com
5d 11h We will see you there! @drkoepsell will discuss the Gene-Chain.    twitter.com
5d 23h RT @WhalePanda: G20 rejects cryptocurrency regulation since it doesn't pose a risk to global financial stability.    twitter.com
6d 9h #Blockchain #genomics is a long game. Ain't no shortcuts. $DNA    twitter.com
6d 9h RT @RedditBTC: My "Beginner’s Guide to ⚡Lightning⚡ on a Raspberry Pi" is ready for @lightning Mainnet! Build your own Bitcoin Full Node wit…    twitter.com
7d 7h O.G. BTC cred    twitter.com
7d 8h Webcast: Shubha Ghosh Speaks to Blockchain & Genomic Data Experts | Syracuse University College of Law    twitter.com
8d 2h Also from my old congressional district. Our condolences to her family.    twitter.com
9d 7h RT @SequencingCom: Silverberry Genomix's new Lean and Fit app is now available in App Market! Check it out: https…    twitter.com
9d 23h RT @SequencingCom: NASA finds that space travel changes a person's DNA    twitter.com
10d 1h You can buy a genetic test from our partners now with $DNA tokens. When we enable selling of data soon, you'll have…    twitter.com
10d 2h RT @gamzeandgursoy: Please spread the word: @GA4GH @GenomePrivacy: We are organizing a session on biological data privacy at Pacific Sympos…    twitter.com
10d 4h RT @Encrypted_Genes: A #Blockchain for #Genes     twitter.com
10d 6h RT @silverberrygnx: Genes have a role in empathy, study says. This has been one of our most interesting reports in the Personality DNA pack…    twitter.com
10d 8h A blockchain for genes    twitter.com
10d 8h RT @Kat_Arney: New Naked Genetics podcast is up: reporting from @FLGenomics Festival of Genomics, with @drkoepsell @GenomicsEngland @TheCri…    twitter.com
10d 11h Who needs antitrust? When monopolists try to shut out crypto, they are begging to be busted by better platforms bui…    twitter.com

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