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Diamond Latest News:

2d 6h RT @tehMoonwalker: HUGE $DMD update ! #segwit #smartcontracts @dmdcoin     twitter.com
4d 3h Diamond DMDcoin in 1 minute.    reddit.com
4d 3h RT @omoikan: Question : que pensez vous du #dmdcoin $dmd ? 4380000 coin max seulement, le projet existe depuis 2014. Et son objectif est…    twitter.com
4d 3h #Diamond #DMDcoin in 1 minute. #Scarce #Valuable #Secure #Diamond #DMDcoin…    twitter.com
5d 12h Positive news for Cryptocurrencies in general    reddit.com
5d 12h Positive news for #Cryptocurrencies in general from #G20, #Diamond #DMD will stay compliant and relevant in the mar…    twitter.com
5d 19h Summary of the second DMD Diamond Foundation's meeting    reddit.com
5d 19h Summary of #DMD #Diamond biannual meeting. Lots of stuff to be excited about. Scarce. Valuable. Secure…    twitter.com
6d 19h With only 4.38 million max supply, decentralized distribution and consistent support+development, zero doubt that o…    twitter.com
7d 3h RT @omoikan: Allé je me lâche, aujourd’hui journée de la positive attitude je vous poste une vision du $dmd vs $BTC . objectif 2021 (fantas…    twitter.com
8d 18h Bittrex searched the block chain for me and sent me a link. The coins were transmitted and received.    reddit.com
9d 4h Thank you for the kind words. Diamond DMD is one of the few coins out there that is being developed consistently an…    twitter.com
10d 19h Help - I sent 135 dmd from bittrex to my dmd wallet & the coins have not shown up.    reddit.com
11d 5h #Diamond #DMDcoin Team meeting will be held from Thursday (15/3) to Sunday(18/3)... Any topics, feedback or questio…    twitter.com
11d 18h POS not working for me    reddit.com
13d 4h DMD Diamond Foundation will be having a meeting in Austria this week. Please submit your topics, feedback or questions you want the team to include in their discussion.    reddit.com
13d 4h DMD Diamond Foundation have a meeting in Austria this week. Please submit your topics, feedback or questions you w…    twitter.com
14d 18h Despite the bear market since January, the number of #DMD #Masternodes grew from 133 to 140! This show…    twitter.com
14d 18h RT @13fl0orelevat0r: @dmdcoin You know what i think i will get some more DMD diamond today for my girlfriend, would be nice to pad our posi…    twitter.com
16d 4h RT @13fl0orelevat0r: Followers if you havent checked out Diamond coin you really should, im looking out for your best interest I promise. S…    twitter.com
16d 5h Happy International Woman's Day! - DMD Team    reddit.com
16d 5h Happy International Woman's Day... If your woman is unhappy, get her some #Diamond #DMD coin whilst it's still chea…    twitter.com
18d 4h RT @13fl0orelevat0r: @dmdcoin Im sure that with the superior design diamond has it will get on great exchanges. Think long term, it will co…    twitter.com
19d 4h Diamond DMD Mac OSX wallet version is online. Recommended but not a mandatory update.…    twitter.com
19d 15h Israel Diamond Exchange introduces new digital currency - Business    reddit.com
20d 9h DMD proof of stake or you need masternode    reddit.com
20d 16h Using DMD code as base for new coin    reddit.com
20d 20h Have a read through our whitepaper to find out more about what Diamond DMD coin offers     twitter.com
21d 9h RT @coindar_:     twitter.com
22d 3h Diamond DMD is green coin. A total of only 650W is enough to power the entire DMD network. #StorageOfWealth…    twitter.com

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