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DigiByte Latest News:

Does the digibyte team reach out to its supporters?    reddit.com
3h People like lotteries - Incentive for running a full node    reddit.com
7h Great post by Josiah on DigiByte vs Bitcoin Transaction Fees! #DGB #DigiByte    twitter.com
8h DigiByte vs Bitcoin transaction fees    reddit.com
8h Supporting Digibyte - Hidden from the the mainstream -    reddit.com
13h Is DGB truly scalable?    reddit.com
14h Clif High predicts FOMO RUSH into Digibyte this year. 103:45 he starts talking about EOS and compares it's rush to DGB    reddit.com
16h Beta 6.16.1 Wallet looks great!    reddit.com
17h @jmjhrd This is a blatant scammer who is not smart enough to set their bot to DGB instead of ETH. Please report @jmjhrd and all accounts below claiming to get ETH. These are blatant scam bots. @Twitter can you please do something about these rampant scamm    reddit.com
17h RT @DeVinaonline: Una empresa vinarocense es la primera de la #ComunitatValenciana en aceptar pagos en #Digibyte: h…    twitter.com
17h Remember you can always find updated #DigiByte #blockchain logos and images here:    twitter.com
18h RT @exodus_io: @PatWielandLIVE @camiloclips @DigiByteCoin We don't have a firm date yet, but once everything is     twitter.com
18h @DigiBynteCoin DO NOT SEND to the above message! Please report @DigiBynteCoin for attempting to scam people! We will never post a message like this!    reddit.com
18h Help us test the #Windows & #macOS #DigiByte #blockchain v6.16.1 wallets! We are very close to an official $DGB v6.16.1 release! Download the test binaries here:    reddit.com
19h Help us test the #Windows & #macOS #DigiByte #blockchain v6.16.1 wallets! We are very close to an official $DGB v6.…    twitter.com
19h This is Jim, 4 year DGB holder and DGB Ambassador. Some updates to this great Reddit Community.    reddit.com
19h Digusign    reddit.com
21h How to view the balance of an HW based wallet?    reddit.com
22h We should try to get DigiByte on here so it has a usecase for streamers on Twitch for example.    reddit.com
22h Raiblocks -->Nano | Digibyte --> ...?    reddit.com
23h DigiByte vs Lightning Network    reddit.com
23h Tweet from Exodus.io about DGB    reddit.com
23h One-Click miner for DGB? (Twitter - @PatWielandLIVE)    reddit.com
23h Getting DigiByte on Robinhood: Your help is needed!    reddit.com
1d 1h Another possible use case for Digi-blockchain in the U.S? DigiVote?    reddit.com
1d 7h DGB Keeps Tanking?...    reddit.com
1d 10h New to DGB here. DGB is the fastest currency now correct? will it face any scaling issues like BTC as it gets more popular?    reddit.com
1d 12h RT @jaredctate: Microsoft's @Alex_A_Simons must not of looked into proven on-chain #blockchain scaling solutions like #DigiByte has. #Light…    twitter.com
1d 14h DIGIBYTE VS LITECOIN! WHO WINS? COINBASE? It's So Good You Get To See It Again.    reddit.com
1d 16h @AdamSma58666641 @jaredctate @PatWielandLIVE Thank you Adam for supporting #DigiByte! $DGB can most definitely be used to help support cross-border commerce both with payments and cybersecurity-related task such as authentication, identity, proof of exist    reddit.com

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