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  • 26 Feb 2018 — 28 Dec 2017


Dent (DENT): Android App Release  26 Feb 2018  (published 1 month 16 days ago)

DENT for Android will be released at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 26 February, 2018.
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Dent (DENT): App Store Launh  28 Dec 2017  (published 2 months 25 days ago)

Apple has approved DENT App for the App Store. App will land on App Store most likely on 28.12.2017.
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Dent Latest News:

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1d Concerns of possible Scam. Can anyone confirm this? (see description)
1d 5h DENT mobile apps are getting ready for Brazil launch
1d 6h Blockchain-powered DENT mobile apps are getting ready for Brazil launch: DENT iOS & Android apps now have Portugues…
1d 11h NUMBER of registered users to DENT app...
1d 13h Concern about dent advertisement
2d 5h Long time holder, no longer holding
2d 23h Hola! The Brand New Spanish Language Version Of The DENT App Is Here!!
2d 23h HOLA! The brand new Spanish language version of DENT App for Android is live! Download here:…
3d 4h How HODLERs feel after market recovery
3d 23h Dents is Undervalued!
4d 5h The Exchange
4d 7h DENT Weekly Discussion Thread - March 18th, 2018 - General Discussion and Price Speculation Here!
5d 1h Can Dent ever get above 6.6 cents again?
5d 4h DENT Reddit is drying up
5d 13h Question regarding Ericsson study
5d 22h DENT Team To Attend MVNO World Congress In Madrid!
6d 3h DENT Revamp, just for fun
6d 10h DENT, the #1 Blockchain company for Telco industry, will be attending the MVNOs World Congress in Madrid 23-26 Apri…
6d 22h DENT App 3/15/2018 Update
7d 2h Alert to the Moderators here!
7d 3h Price ticker on the sidebar?
8d 15h New article; DENT: A Blockchain Marketplace for Unused Mobile Data
8d 19h need some help from someone more astute than myself
9d 10h Dent is the member of the TIP.
9d 10h DENT is now a member of the TELECOM INFRA PROJECT,, the telco innovation project with over…
9d 20h What about a logo upgrade? Looking at that altcoin buzz video still, next to the other coins it was mentioned with, the DENT graphic looks... boring. Definitely not eye catching. Been thinking this for a while. Thoughts?
10d 12h Mobile trafficking rapidly rising! Good near future for DENT:)
10d 12h Total mobile data traffic is exploding, growth 45% every year! DENT is happy to spearheading this fantastic market!…
11d 3h Maybe a future partership for dent?

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