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2d 3h How to #TakeBackYourData from Cambridge Analytica? #Datum has the answer! Read and share this post!     twitter.com
2d 3h How to get your data back from Cambridge Analytica #Facebook #CambridgeAnalytics    twitter.com
2d 23h Datum was at Token Fest in San Francisco last week. Read on what the team did and what the takeaways were:…    twitter.com
3d 8h I just published “TokenFest Takeaways”    twitter.com
6d 2h Someone on the #Datum team took this picture yesterday and we had a little fun with it. But, yeah, tokenize...…    twitter.com
6d 4h If you're up for a pre-St. Paddy's Day beer, we might be, too! Catch up with @ncavet and @joejohnston as #TokenFest…    twitter.com
6d 9h Good morning, @TokenFest fans. Day 2 is off to a good start. Datum's @ncavet and @joejohnston are back, learning mu…    twitter.com
6d 20h G'night, #BayArea! @TokenFest Day 1 is done, but Datum's @ncavet and @joejohnston will be back tomorrow. If you'r…    twitter.com
7d 2h Datum's new CMO @NCavet is @TokenFest, saying hello to someone we probably all know... #TokenFest #DatumNetwork…    twitter.com
7d 2h You have to give it to @TokenFest -- they know how to pick a venue! #TokenFest #ICO #Blockchain #Datum…    twitter.com
7d 4h Day 1 at #TokenFest is here. It's been awesome connecting with teams from @LedgerHQ @MyCrypto @The_Blocknet…    twitter.com
7d 22h All crypto related events in Hong Kong on one calendar for you: Meet Datum in Hong Kong if you are around next week…    twitter.com
11d Live from Singapore: #Datum pitching as a finalist in the Global Blockchain Competition    twitter.com
14d 17h Datum selected as one of the finalists in the Global Blockchain Competition. The final pitch session will take plac…    twitter.com
15d 19h Vietnam is flowing with Blockchain vibes. If you’re also here, come to talk to Datum COO Gebhard Scherrer and CSO V…    twitter.com
16d 13h A Warm Hello from Datum CMO Nicholas Cavet. Check out our latest blog post by Nicholas to see what you can expect f…    twitter.com
16d 20h Datum is pleased to announce today that Nicholas Cavet joined Datum as Chief Marketing Officer to support the stron…    twitter.com
17d 18h Join Datum CEO Roger Haenni for a breakfast seminar on "Demystifying #GDPR - what does it mean for SME?"on 8th Marc…    twitter.com
23d 17h #Datum is attending Vietnam Blockchain Week! If you're there, be sure to meet our two co-founders Gebhard Scherrer…    twitter.com
24d 17h New blog post: What Does GDPR Mean for You "The GDPR includes a number of regulations for companies, but the overal…    twitter.com
27d 21h Datum CEO Roger Haenni will be speaking at Blockchain Technology Conference on the 9th of March in Hong Kong. Event…    twitter.com
1m 5d 11h Datum is a proud sponsor of @EthereumDenver, which runs till the 18th Feb. If you’re around, make sure to stop by a…    twitter.com
1m 5d 11h Datum is a proud sponsor of @ETHDenver, which runs till the 18th Feb. If you’re around, make sure to stop by and sa…    twitter.com
1m 8d 16h Love on the Blockchain. Happy Valentine's $DAT from Datum. #Datum #ValentinesDay #Blockchain    twitter.com
1m 8d 22h “Data ownership and privacy are crucial issues. Since individuals are the actual sources of data, we need to return…    twitter.com
1m 10d 16h Quote of the day from Datum COO Gebhard Scherrer. Happy Monday Datummers! #Datum #TakeBackYourData #MondayMotivaton    twitter.com
1m 13d 16h DAT promotion on @kucoincom is ending soon. Hurry up and grab some $DAT Red Envelopes for Chinese New Year! Promo d…    twitter.com
1m 14d 14h Connect with the Datum Community on Telegram:, our community management team offers 24/7 on…    twitter.com
1m 17d 19h Get some $DAT Red Pockets ready for Chinese New Year! Join our trading competition on @kucoincom to WIN 1,504,000…    twitter.com
1m 21d 20h Thanks everyone for coming to Hong Kong Blockchain Developer Meetup hosted by Datum CEO Roger Haenni earlier this w…    twitter.com

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