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22d 7h Great news for Matrix project. We may have been the first crypto project to include Matrix tech in our strategy and…
1m 2d 19h Coval is a sidechains heavy project ;)
1m 2d 23h
1m 4d
1m 27d 22h Received first physical prototype proof of concept coin from who has been helping us with the project. Really enjoying the process of working with these coin artists. Look forward to revealing the final version.
1m 27d 22h Getting to know , a very complimentary platform we are evaluating.
1m 29d 5h COVAL will no longer use the secondary logo that has been used up to now and is temporarily replaced with the attached version.
1m 29d 5h We are temporarily forwarding to our docs site at while we work on website updates over the next few weeks. FYI
2m 11d
2m 12d 23h Beware of pumpers spreading false information. If you did not see it here or confirmed info with us in the Matrix chat room, then don't believe it. Thanks and be careful.
2m 16d 4h cool cover.
2m 22d 2h We sometimes describe Emblem as OpenDime without the hardware.
2m 28d 9h Check out , a company keen on the crypto space. We'll be working together to bridge fiat based digital gift cards, credits and points systems with crypto blockchain networks via an Emblem integration and pilot program - @lightrailhqh
2m 28d 9h If you're a fan of collectible physical bitcoin/crypto like coins and other items, Follow us as we are working with artists to create a new unique offering. Mixing tangible w/ digital has always been an interest here. Wish we could be ready for xmas but e
2m 28d 9h Congrats to @TheSimpleToken for successfully ICO'ing their project which is equivalent to COVAL's CaaS model ( that we put on hold to build the Emblem app first. This is a tricky model but we admire your ambition
3m 2d 8h COVAL UPDATE 1117 -
3m 8d 4h yes it works now
3m 8d 7h The full Emblem Vault website at is up. More content will be added over time. Subscribe for updates and follow @circuitsofvalue for related info.
3m 9d 8h Blockchain and Machine learning PoC A Collaboration between @unspecifiedllc and @circuitsofvalue Thanks to @sirajraval for the coding challenge and the Shout-Out on his Machine learning
3m 9d 18h We have published the full Emblem Vault website at We'll be making some content updates and modifications over time but we hope you find it useful. Thanks to @Griflan for the help on this project! Let us know if you have feedba
3m 17d 14h We don’t get involved with much of the superficial forms of token “support”. Don’t misconstrue these aspects as superior to honest work.
3m 17d 14h Marketing, Pumping, BCT ANN Threads, Paying Exchanges, Ads, Premature Press Releases, White Papers, “Celebrity” Advisors etc. Lets get real.
3m 17d 15h There is a misconception based on outdated altcoin 1.0 era mentality if you think we have not supported this token with time, money, skill..
3m 19d 13h New target date for Emblem Vault website is 11/11/17. Almost finished! (Note: This is not the app release)

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