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COSS Latest News:

1h PSA: Do not distribute your fee split before COSS gets upgraded into an ERC223-Token    reddit.com
1h Looking for a lawyer in Singapore that has experience in Securities and Futures Act (289)    reddit.com
1h Update from @MrRuneEvensen with the dev, community & compliance highlights: 'COSS Fork'/ERC223 upgrade, FSA, DAO &…    twitter.com
2h COSS.IO update February 22nd 2018 [Huge Update; Must read!]    reddit.com
2h New Update from Rune    reddit.com
2h Really fast Verification    reddit.com
4h Requested the dev team to add Savedroid to COSS after the ICO ¦ Really believe in this project from Germany    reddit.com
4h Coss.io flagged as dangerous website.    reddit.com
5h Is there any interest in a COSS/LTC trading pair?    reddit.com
8h How to make Coss run faster    reddit.com
9h What does .    reddit.com
11h I’m needing help with buying Coss coin/token?    reddit.com
11h Is merchant platform being included in marketing campaign    reddit.com
13h Intelligent Trading Tech (ITT) promo POOL SIZE: 100,000 ITT Active until March 3, 2018 Participate here: …    twitter.com
14h COSS is not doing enough to attract low volume traders    reddit.com
15h I'm a professional video editor and I made a COSS explainer video - Check it out!    reddit.com
17h Are the devs cashing in cause damn....    reddit.com
23h Will there be an option to convert erc20 tokens from the split to eth?    reddit.com
1d 1h What are the benefits of the distribution fee being classed as a security?    reddit.com
1d 12h Contract Execution Costs    reddit.com
1d 13h the perfect coin for Coss - MATRIX AI NETWORK (MAN)    reddit.com
1d 13h HelloGold promo Pool: 1,000,000 HGT TOP 10 traders will receive an airdrop of 5 GOLDX each at the end of the promo…    twitter.com
1d 14h Is there a point holding COSS in MEW?    reddit.com
1d 19h Key date/fact post    reddit.com
1d 20h Kinda bizarre to see COSS taking such a hit in value with all the things it's been getting right.    reddit.com
1d 21h COSS.IO is hiring frontend engineer - Apply for the job    reddit.com
1d 23h COSS on MyEtherWallet    reddit.com
2d 6h Helping Get The Word Out- When CossIO upgrades and graduates to being able to handle large amounts of volume, fiat pairs, and all the while fast...    reddit.com
2d 6h PureGold ICO on COSS The first payment gateway for gold-backed assets in the crypto space. Buy PGT tokens with an a…    twitter.com
2d 10h Question on the fee-split and COSS promotion.    reddit.com

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