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  • 22 Jan 2018


Crypto20 (C20): Listing on HitBTC  22 Jan 2018  (published 2 months 2 days ago)

CRYPTO20 will be listing on the HitBTC exchange on the 22th of January.
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Crypto20 Latest News:

8h Invictus Capital -When data speaks we listen via @YouTube
8h When data speaks we listen. We believe that all funds should be developed and justified with a data-backed approach.
20h Hyperion Whitepaper Typo
21h Quarterly Report
22h RT @BrunoHiller1: @CRYPTOtwenty This will be one of those early adopters dreams come true. Yes this is still extremely early adoption. Grea…
1d 4h Hyperion information page & whitepaper
1d 5h We are extremely proud to announce the availability of the Invictus Hyperion Fund White Paper. Visit…
1d 14h ICO Fund Question
2d 3h All about the wonder of indexing...which you all already know about!
2d 11h Will Crypto20 be staking Vechain?
3d 22h Anatomy of stolen 65000 USD money by HitBTC
4d 11h Wealth consists in having great passions.
5d 6h ”Cryptocurrencies afford us an opportunity to create the world anew.” Daniel Schwartzkopff
6d 11h Anyone want to sell me some c20?
9d 8h CRYPTO20 is The First Tokenized Crypto Index Fund that autonomously tracks the top 20 cryptocurrencies.
10d 1h ONT sold and re-invested
10d 11h Read the Medium article about our Titan AI Tool for ICO Due Diligence - CRYPTO20 Fund
10d 15h Introducing Titan AI: ICO whitepaper analysis and plagiarism detection tool
10d 15h Titan updates & other planned tools
11d 4h Exchange Launch Competition
11d 6h CRYPTO20 the smart, secure way to invest in cryptocurrencies. Trade Now
11d 17h Reduce risk through diversification in investing in Cryptocurrencies. CRYPTO20 provides a way to track the performa…
14d 7h Question on Initial ICO Investors
15d 9h C20 is for the intelligent crypto-investor. Trade now!
15d 12h Graph of C20 Premium?
17d 9h Someone sold large ammounts of various alts at market price causing massive drops
17d 9h Why don't the percentages of holdings match market cap?
17d 12h When are rebalances?
17d 23h RT @bigdataconf: Meet @d_schwartzkopff CEO @Cryptotwenty will presenting at #GBCC #SantaClara Convention Center Hu…
18d Coinbase is launching its own cryptocurrency index fund | TechCrunch

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