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BurstCoin Latest News:

4h What is the mining operating temperature for HDD's?    reddit.com
6h Potentially small change that would massively improve ability to use Burst as a real currency    reddit.com
7h Can I just use a predefined pool from Qbundle?    reddit.com
9h What do you guys thing about this Ebay posting?    reddit.com
13h Burst Future    reddit.com
13h PoCC 50-50 pool drastically underestimates my capacity    reddit.com
14h Mining Question/What am i doing wrong?    reddit.com
14h What pool should I join??    reddit.com
16h Do I get penalized in a pool if I stop Blago mining for a min to relaunch with additional HDD's?    reddit.com
17h How much storage does the Burstcoin network represent? And why can't there be a 51% attack?    reddit.com
18h Setting Target Deadline for 0-100 pool on blagominer?    reddit.com
21h If the majority of mining pools refuse to support the Dymaxion, is it possible to do a User Activated Hard Fork if 85% - 90% of nodes support it?    reddit.com
21h Burst Wallet successfully installed on MacOS...FINALLY!!!    reddit.com
1d I'm matching all donation to faucet up to 25K!    reddit.com
1d Burst needs YOU *Mod applications*    reddit.com
1d 2h Why are there new 1.2.9 nodes showing?    reddit.com
1d 8h burst from poloniex    reddit.com
1d 9h If ever in doubt about passphrases security...(link provided by Haitch on discord)    reddit.com
1d 12h Burstcoin Sale! 25% Off! Buy! Buy! Buy!    reddit.com
1d 12h Is there an optimised linux plotter?    reddit.com
1d 18h Top Telegram Channel Of 2018 Providing Crypto Signals & Automated Trading Bot    reddit.com
1d 18h Upgrade 1.3.6xx to 2.0.0?    reddit.com
1d 20h Burstcoin.ist down ? ERR 502    reddit.com
1d 20h Can anyone explain the pools?    reddit.com
1d 21h Problems with BurstCoin mining    reddit.com
1d 22h Burst coin mining fix    reddit.com
1d 22h New User need one Burstcoin Pls help me to get started    reddit.com
1d 23h I just topped up faucet.burstpay.net , go there if you need 1 Burst to setup mining pool assignment.    reddit.com
2d 4h Node with raspberry pi    reddit.com
2d 8h Buttrex Registration    reddit.com

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