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  • 13 Apr 2018


Bitcoin Private (BTCP): Merchant Plattfrom Beta  13 Apr 2018  (published 8 days ago)

The current ETA for phase 1 roll-out is Friday, April 13th.
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Bitcoin Private Latest News:

1h Bitcoin Private (BTCP) compared to other privacy coins (XVG, DASH, XMR)
4h #2 Top 100 Gainer on Live Coin Watch - Booom!
5h Bitcoinprivate +14% today!
8h Shielded transactions should be the default
11h General Daily Discussion-4/19/2018
18h BTCP on a Ledger Nano S
18h Cryptopia steals over 50.000$ of BTCP
20h Psychological barriers / hurdles ( ours & "theirs" )
21h Ledger CTO is saying that BTCP is NOT working with their infrastructure
21h Bprivate now trading on AltCoinTrader in South Africa for over 1000 Rand= $83
1d Btcp wallet on ledger not working .. been saying “opening your wallet” for 10 minutes even after unplug and restart- anyone else having this problem?
1d Ledger now supports #BitcoinPrivate! Stay tuned for a guide detailing usage and #BTCP claiming.
1d 2h BTCP officially on Ledger Nano
1d 2h LEDGER NANO S Now supporting BTCP
1d 3h Ledger app is here... waiting for Bitcoin Private Electrum update...
1d 4h Will unclaimed coins be burned? Questions?
1d 11h General Daily Discussion-4/18/2018
1d 13h What Wallet Actually Works For You?
1d 13h Good exchange to list
1d 13h Bitcoin Private now on Crypto app!
1d 15h Hmm. Should we be concerned? I keep seeing these posts.
1d 22h Bitcoin Private Will Be Added to Ledger Nano in the Upcoming Version
1d 22h Newbie question on how to perform private transaction.
2d Do you want to launch your own localized Bitcoin Private community? We already have hundreds of ambassadors worldwi…
2d 2h One of the largest german tech news-site has an article about the BTCP-Fork
2d 7h Ledger Wallet integration for Bitcoin approved for upcoming version!
2d 10h Need all votes we can get for BTCP listing!
2d 12h General Daily Discussion-4/17/2018
2d 12h now lets you mine to Z-Address (Private)
2d 16h "Done in the upcoming version, so closing." - Ledger CTO on the BTCP Pull request to Ledger.

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