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Bloom Token Latest News:

23h New crypto listing site, let's give Bloom some love!!
1d 4h Bloom, CoinRanker welcome you! You are listed on CoinRanker.
3d 6h According to State of the DApps, there are more than 1200 projects built on Ethereum. We are proud to share that Bloom is now a top 10 dApp by number of users.
4d 7h RBC Files Patent for a Credit Score Platform Using Blockchain Technology
5d 3h Bloom will be on the official district0x Live stream this coming week.
5d 6h Having doubts
5d 7h Price ($0.41)?
5d 8h This shit is dead
5d 10h How to get involved?
8d 3h Bloom in the News! Check out the latest coverage from media outlets across the web.
8d 17h Did Blockchain Capital Invest in Bloom?
9d 1h Scholarly Articles that Support Bloom
9d 1h Will other credit providers be able to have their own version of BloomCard?
9d 1h How can we be sure that the formula to determine BloomScore is reliable?
10d 1h Bloom will be at ETHLend's meetup tonight in San Francisco!
12d Can Bloom help with Elections?
15d 23h Anyone receiving VIN tokens out of the blue?
16d Bloom Token in a nutshell | This is a video I made to bring exposure to the project and review/explain to new investors. Please subscribe, like, and comment if you enjoyed it!
16d 4h Why do we need Bloom? - Research Paper
16d 7h Last week was Bloom's best week ever, and we're just getting started. We have record website traffic, record BloomID creation, and a huge community to celebrate!
18d 15h Inside Info from Triad Trading Group on BLT listing..
18d 17h New Bitcoinist Article About Bloom
18d 19h Top 3 Exchange listing TODAY. You heard it here first.
19d 3h Selling BLT
19d 3h When I will be able to buy Bloom on a big exchange?
19d 4h What is causing this current pump?
19d 13h Here's how my skepticism over this project turned into support.
19d 13h Thanks for your support everyone! Bloom is currently trending #1 on r/Ethereum!
20d 2h Since all the Equifax news, Bloom has been on one of the fastest gaining coins in the last 24 hours on CoinMarketCap
20d 13h What are the benefits of BLT holders?

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