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  • 31 Mar 2018 — 27 Nov 2017


BitBay (BAY): Special Announcement  31 Mar 2018  (published 29 days ago)

BitBay special announcement scheduled for 31st March, 2018.
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BitBay (BAY): New Client GUI Release  14 Mar 2018  (published 1 month 11 days ago)

The New BitBay Client GUI will be released on 14th March, 2018.
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BitBay (BAY): Mobile Wallet App Release  14 Feb 2018  (published 2 months 9 days ago)

BitBay Mobile Wallet App will be released on 14th February, 2018.
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BitBay (BAY): Web Wallet Release  1 Feb 2018  (published 2 months 22 days ago)

Release date for the new enhanced BitBay Web Wallet is 1st February, 2018.
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BitBay (BAY): Hard Fork  30 Nov 2017  (published 4 months 20 days ago)

Hard forking on the 30th Nov. Don't forget to update wallet.
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BitBay (BAY): WEB WALLET LAUNCH  27 Nov 2017  (published 4 months 23 days ago)

The BitBay will launch WEB WALLET enabling you to store your BAY securely in an easy-to-use webwallet.
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BitBay Latest News:

17h Are you staking on BitBay Marketplace Client? Are you planning to start staking? Staking Calculator is coming on Fr…
18h BOOK "BitBay - A Decentralised Marketplace" OUT NOW!
1d 17h With Staking Calculator it’s easy to plan how much $BAY you have to keep and how much you can get. Coming on Friday…
2d Money raised and Token distribution at ICO
2d 2h Police search Oakura Bay in Northland after reports boat overturned
2d 12h Anyone else can't deposit Euros or Dollars?
2d 17h Wondering how you much $BAY you can get from staking? We can help you calculate it with Staking Calculator coming o…
3d 20h Next release in our roadmap is Staking Calculator. More info during the next days.
5d 19h Long Bay College old boys pay special tribute to French student Peyo Crus
5d 19h Top #Altcoin picks for Spring 2018 by @crypto_pulse including BitBay. $BAY #bitbay #crypto
6d 1h The stream of the london crypto investor show is live now on YouTube. Our very own Bjørn Alsos is speaking on the…
6d 8h Cryptopulse: BAY gets picked as top alt-coin pick for spring 2018!
6d 16h BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust Disappoints On Production Numbers
6d 21h In-Wallet Fiat-BAY Buy with your credit card is here!
6d 21h If you want to buy $BAY with your credit card and access it in a different wallet, check out
6d 22h In-Wallet Fiat-Bay Buy with your credit card is here! Check it out now at $BAY #bitbay
6d 23h New account registrations reopened! #bitbay #bittrex #bitbaymarket
7d 17h In-Wallet Fiat-Bay Buy. With your credit card. Coming tomorrow! $BAY #bitbay
8d 17h How to Find Highly Undervalued Cryptocurrencies (like BitBay) $BAY #bitbay #market
8d 18h BitBay Web Wallet is a safe way access your $BAY. And it will be for buying your $BAY too. Coming next Friday! $BAY…
9d 15h Upcoming Event: OPTI Airdrop for BitBay Holders - May 1, 2018
10d 3h Getting some $BAY in-wallet with your credit card will be very easy. Coming on Friday! $BAY #bitbay
11d 9h Golden Bay Air chartering from rivals after operator certificate lapses
11d 22h Upcoming Event: The London Cryptocurrency Show - April 14, 2018
12d There will be an Opti-token airdrop to BitBay members on May 1, 2018. Check out how BitBay holders can accept OptiT…
12d 5h Investigation under way after Oriental Bay house fire
12d 7h Firefighters attending house fire in Wellington's Oriental Bay
13d 3h New OptiToken Airdrop Information!
13d 12h Fifth arrest made in relation to death of Kelly Donner in Flaxmere, Hawke's Bay
13d 19h Want to know more about our next release: In-wallet Fiat/Bay Purchasing? More information coming next week! #bitbay…

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