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Aurora Coin Latest News:

6m 29d 19h Stage 2 of AUR Airdrop will commence at midnight. Portions will be increased x10. Sizeable sum awarded to Icelandic Cryptocurrency Society.    twitter.com
8m 5d Krona crisis: Iceland's currency struggles to regain people's trust    twitter.com
9m 7d 13h @auroracoinIS AuroraCoin pool at Navigate to    twitter.com
9m 8d 18h Mamma sagði hún skyldi mun meira um rafmyntir eftir lesturinn í @Kjarninn. Svo lest'ana! @auroracoinIS @CoinAurora    twitter.com
9m 9d 14h Í @Kjarninn á morgun er umfjöllun eftir mig um @auroracoinIS. Ræddi við David Lio hjá @CoinHeavy í NY. Blaðið Komið á    twitter.com
9m 20d 16h The auroracoin Airdrop has been able to dispense 1,049,527 coins to Icelanders so far    twitter.com
9m 23d 20h Compiling some statistics on the Airdrop. Claimants are 62% male and 38% female. How does that compare to crypto users in general?    twitter.com
9m 25d 16h Just to be clear: AUR is not, and never will be backed by the government. Although they let us use their authentication system.    twitter.com
9m 26d Great infographic by @CoinTelegraphpic.twitter.com/L9URVr75Af    twitter.com
9m 26d 4h David Lio: We Will Eventually Be Discussing Fiat’s Volatility - #Bitcoin #auroracoinpic.twitter.com/2SK10FDVGb    twitter.com
9m 29d I'm glad to see @auroracoinIS following through: Airdrop authentication through the National Registry now live     twitter.com
9m 29d 10h Airdrop authentication through the National Registry now live     twitter.com
9m 29d 22h Recording from the educational session on Bitcoin yesterday, hosted by VÍB of Íslandsbanki. @vinmoor @vibstofan    twitter.com
10m 5d 1h Auroracoin, the 1st national digital currency intro 2b alternative to the krona. Every Icelander can claim 31.8 AUR.     twitter.com
10m 7d 21h Counting down to 10% of coins claimed. Currently at 9.62%.    twitter.com
10m 16d 19h #DRPECON Du bitcoin à l’auroracoin, les cryptomonnaies en plein essor -    twitter.com
10m 17d 17h Auroracoin in today's Politiken. I said most people I met had heard about it, but that there were still some concernspic.twitter.com/h7Ef4DyzCW    twitter.com
10m 19d 14h Is Auroracoin the only cryptocurrency to have a majority of active nodes outside of the US?     twitter.com
10m 19d 20h Automatic checkpointing introduced to Auroracoin. Please update your clients.    twitter.com
10m 21d 3h Just bought a pint of #beer for one #auroracoin ! #awesome    twitter.com

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