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1d 7h RT @lopp: A consequence of consumer convenience can be the creation of crutches that make you more reliant on third parties. It's more conv…
5d 5h RT @lopp: Don't forget to HODL your significant other today!
5d 5h Brand new #medium update! excited to give dates for our new front end client and show off logos for the community t…
7d 1h
14d 4h RT @lopp: Bcash is 6 months old today and still is not Bitcoin. My suspicion is that contentious hard forks that fail to flippen in the fir…
20d 7h Awesome! Developer update 13 posted to the #medium last night! Big changes coming to the #novusphere brand and the…
20d 11h Initial production client release expected in February! Have issues with syncing your atmos-qt client? Take a look…
21d 4h Lots of updates to our resources / FAQ page! Can't wait to see what else our awesome devs come up with
21d 4h I just published “Guide: Manually adding nodes (atmos qt)”
21d 6h Excited to announce our hard working team has a new #medium update tonight about the development status regarding t…
27d 18h What is #Novusphere? Censorship resistance through #blockchain and #IPFS. Creating a platform to allow people to send, share and find whatever,
29d In today's development update, find out more about the upcoming promotion efforts and visual rebrand of #Novusphere and some of the expectations for the production release of the web client to soon come!
29d 4h
30d The team is working hard on a visual rebranding of #Novusphere, soon to come a new logo, infographics to better explain #Novusphere and let's not forget the upcoming production web client and testnet! ;) Not a part of the discussion yet? Join at https://
1m 12d 3h #Novusphere Development Update 11 -
2m 5d Atmos Anon Dev Will be Live in 10 min, join us on #ATMOS $ATMS #blockchain
2m 8d 12h #Novusphere Development Update 10 -
3m 5d 22h #Novusphere Development Update 9 -
3m 15d 10h Join us in an hour for a discussion on Discord about the future plans of #Novusphere as outlined in Dev. Update 8 -
3m 21d 1h #Novusphere Development Update 8 - Please see the section Community Involvement -
4m 10d 10h Development Update 7 -
4m 18d Development Update 6 -
4m 28d 21h Best of luck with #Lyra!
4m 29d 4h Development Update 5 -
5m 9d 3h Development Update 4 - Examples of mp3 (via #ipfs) and mp4 (via #webtorrent) on #Novusphere's AFIX!
5m 16d 10h Development Update 3 - #Novusphere $ATMS
5m 23d Development Update 2 - #Novusphere $ATMS
5m 30d Check out our first weekly #Novusphere #ATMS development blog post on #Medium - - More to come!
9m 10d #IPFS and the #Novusphere #blockchain
9m 15d New month, new goals for #Novusphere #ATMS #BTC #cryptocurrency

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