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  • 1 Feb 2018 — 5 Dec 2017


AirSwap (AST): Token Trader Mainnet Release  1 Feb 2018  (published 24 days ago)

Token Trader will be released on mainnet on1st February, 2018.
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AirSwap (AST): Token Trader Private Release  16 Jan 2018  (published 1 month 4 days ago)

Private release of the Token Trader on January 16th. Will be working with beta tester group for opening a public release soon thereafter.
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AirSwap (AST): Token Trader Launch  5 Dec 2017  (published 2 months 15 days ago)

AirSwap gives you the power to trade Ethereum tokens on a global network without risking hacks or paying exchange fees.
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AirSwap Latest News:

10h Weekly AirSwap Discussion - February 19, 2018
1d 1h When you think of AirSwaps (AST) institutional partners do you think of OTCs? Maybe you should.
2d 2h Join him!
3d 2h RT @BitcoinMagazine: Decentralized Exchanges Stake Their Claim in the #Cryptocurrency Ecosystem #cryptocurrencynews…
3d 6h Token Marketplace on track for Q1?
4d 10h RT @crypto_bobby: Interesting thoughts on challenges facing @AirSwap and DEX's from @ovedm606. Short term: regulatory compliance Medium ter…
5d 4h Chat with AirSwap, Talking Decentralized Exchanges - Crypto Happy Hour
5d 4h Thank you @crypto_bobby for your insightful interview with @ovedm606! If you missed it, you can watch it here:…
5d 5h RT @crypto_bobby: About to go live now:
5d 6h Using Token Trader
5d 11h RT @BGodenrath: Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) are promising enhanced security for crypto token trading - accelerated Innovation for a deve…
5d 21h RT @crypto_bobby: Tomorrow at 2:30pm EST, I'll be speaking with @ovedm606 and @dmosites from @airswap for Crypto Happy Hour. Make sure you…
6d 2h Upcoming Event: AirSwap (AST) Speaker At Token 2049 - March 20, 2018
6d 10h Web3 Foundation: Decentralized Exchange Meetup, 06 FEB 18 - New York City
6d 10h RT @web3foundation: Last week we hosted a DEX meetup in NYC with our friends @airswap. Want to learn more about what they are building, alo…
7d 4h Crypto Bobby will be speaking with M.Oved and Don Mosites live on Wednesday Feb 14th at 2:30pm Eastern
7d 10h Weekly AirSwap Discussion - February 12, 2018
7d 10h RT @crypto_bobby: I'll be speaking with @ovedm606 and @dmosites from @airswap, live on Wednesday Feb 14th at 2:30pm Eastern.. if you have q…
7d 12h AirSwap $AST can now be tracked on
8d 8h Airswap vs 0x Protocol
9d 10h Centralized exchanges #CEX continue to fall victim to malicious hackers. Unlike them, we don’t hold your money host…
10d 5h Testing and Releasing Stable Ethereum Applications – AirSwap Blog
10d 5h Learn about testing and release processes for stable #Ethereum applications #AirSwap #blockchain
11d 8h Airswap Token Trader / Metamask
11d 21h Part of our #Tokyo trip was focused on educating interested partners on our peer-to-peer protocol and why it’s free…
12d 10h RT @poiresel: Come check out the Token Trader at @airswap . It's live from 10 AM - 4 PM EST today!
12d 13h Financial Times covering AirSwap!
12d 13h The world is noticing decentralized exchanges (DEX) like AirSwap and @KyberNetwork that free us from the issues pla…
12d 15h AirSwap meetup in #HongKong by @StamfordHwang to a full house of #blockchain, #ethereum, and #DEX enthusiasts #
13d First ever #DEX meetup in our office in #Brooklyn by @web3foundation with @poiresel sharing the launch of our Token…

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