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  • 24 Nov 2017




Ardor Latest News:

7h Ardorgate raises deposit and withdrawal limits to 10k!
7h RT @NXT_Espana: #Nxter News – Febrero 2018 (II): ¿Por Qué es Importante la Paciencia? Porque Nos Hace Prestar Más Atención. #blockchain #Cr…
9h How long you guys are going to HODL??
18h Triffic, The Gamified GPS Is Coming To Ardor
18h Ardor recommended
18h Any News Worthy Events, or news with ARDR
1d 6h Fractions are not processed in the Sale orders in Ardor Client
1d 17h Fras Coin Update. Sandy Budiman joined me to talk about Fras Coin becoming an asset on the IGNIS child chain of and to share information about ongoing crowdsale.
1d 19h What if a wallet have more stake than 50%?
1d 20h RT @lioryaffe: #Ardor Child Chain is: 1. Token with all functionality provided by the $NXT API ++ 2. Large network of nodes out of the box…
1d 21h Sage advice for the Ardor Marketing Team
1d 21h Updates regarding the price manipulation on hitBTC greatly appreciated !
2d 3h Is Ignis Crashed and now a Dead coin? What is the deal with no marketing or anything?
2d 3h Cannot xfer from Wallet -> Trex
2d 4h Passphrase: ID or Password?
2d 4h Spotted in Downtown Seattle on an Amazon building
2d 9h Forging on a Raspberry Pi - easy mode!
2d 11h ARDR temporary unavailable
2d 12h Forging - info and tutorial?
2d 12h NXT is now officially more valuable than Ignis
2d 13h /r/Lykke would like to add Ardor to their exchange with 0% trading fees
2d 13h Ardor Quietly Making Progress
2d 14h How about Lele?
2d 14h Ardor needs more exchanges
2d 18h RT @Jelurida: $ARDR as the perfect example of BaaS #blockchain #blockchainforbusiness #cryptocurrency #Ardor #innovation
2d 19h RT @Nxter_org: #Ardor vs the Competition looks at #Stratis - the BaaS protocol based on $BTC. Stratis looks to sell businesses customizable…
2d 21h Fuk this whole project
3d 4h Some good press for Ardor. #45
3d 8h HitBTC price premium dropping- could mean deposits/withdrawals on the way?
3d 8h Upcoming Event: Blockchain for Business - March 1, 2018 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

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