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AeonCoin Latest News:

3h Aeon has been added to Crypto Tick IOS app. Feedback welcome     reddit.com
4h Sunday 25-02 Community Rebase testing Windows Script    reddit.com
6h AEON Blockchain Update    reddit.com
11h Aeon pool at 55% of the network    reddit.com
13h OpenAeon Web Wallet Submitted for Review    reddit.com
19h Can't Connect to Daemon    reddit.com
23h Aeon Timeline 2 can get everybody on the same project management page    thenextweb.com
1d 4h Aeon binaries update    reddit.com
1d 7h PSA: Hope to have bounties paid this weekend.    reddit.com
1d 10h It's a secret to everybody.     reddit.com
1d 11h wallet and daemon suddenly broken    reddit.com
1d 12h Testing rebase sync time    reddit.com
1d 13h PSA: sweep_all is not functional    reddit.com
1d 15h Cryptonote just got potentially 3x faster [would be an important feature for AEON]    reddit.com
1d 15h Rebase update    reddit.com
1d 18h I've made a easy to use GUI miner called 'EzMiner' that now supports AEON and has CPU & GPU (or both) mining, reports live hashrate,, pool stats like fees & payout, has 0% donation fees (if you want) and much more! Free & open-source. Let me know what you    reddit.com
1d 22h AEON Testnet (Stoffu) - Rebase Testing instructions    reddit.com
1d 23h AEON Facebook Page    reddit.com
2d 3h tx_private_key how to get it?    reddit.com
2d 8h Aeon GUI wallet binaries for Win/Mac/Linux    reddit.com
2d 11h stoffu testnet backlog    reddit.com
2d 14h Anyone want to swap some of their aeon for xmr?    reddit.com
2d 20h Ranking the most secure and private software tools (including AEON)    reddit.com
3d 5h Preliminary port of Monero GUI to Aeon    reddit.com
3d 7h Block 7 found.    reddit.com
3d 10h aeon-wallet-cli -> enable print-ring-members & transfer command using all available argument options    reddit.com
3d 13h aeon-wallet-cli set commands -> to ignore confirm tx and ignore no payment-id , multi address transfer -> to (4) addresses    reddit.com
3d 16h Added min payment threshold for cryptonote-universal-pool    reddit.com
3d 23h AEON Rebase: What & Why    reddit.com
4d Scheduled time for testing together    reddit.com

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