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  • 1 Feb 2018


AdToken (ADT): Voyage Home  1 Feb 2018  (published 27 days ago)

Voyage Home for the adChain Registry will begin on 1st February, 2018.
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20d 22h RT @TheInvestZone: @ad_chain great work in current bear     twitter.com
21d 19h RT @alannaaroazzi: Excited to be part of this. @ad_chain @metaxchain    twitter.com
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22d 23h RT @alannaaroazzi: Excited that the refueling stage starts today! On to the Voyage Home! @ad_chain    twitter.com
22d 23h RT @YLDRMVRL0803: @ad_chain sorry for all not investing here! this is the best project i have seen in #crypto    twitter.com
22d 23h Feb 1 marks the beginning of the Voyage Home for the adToken Lunarscape! Check it out.    reddit.com

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