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2GiveCoin Latest News:

4d 21h 2GIVE $2GIVE can now be tracked on Moonstats.com     reddit.com
7d 14h RT @TheLittleDuke: FIAT currencies such as the USD are backed by debt and guns. That $1 value menu meal is your only means of calibrating…    twitter.com
9d 13h RT @TheLittleDuke: We're going to build a new kind of bank, from the cloud-down!    twitter.com
12d 16h What is a “Predictable Hard Fork” or “Re-Genesis Blocking” and why does it matter?    twitter.com
15d 10h It's Official! @SiNFoundation the home of @2GiveCoin founded by serial @MinnFinTech entrepreneur @TheLittleDuke is…    twitter.com
16d 15h Upcoming Event: Update The Blockchain - March 6, 2018    reddit.com
20d 15h RT @TheLittleDuke: Kudos to @SPPXIO and its very successful demo #Crowdfunding raise under @MNvest @TECHdotMN https…    twitter.com
22d 14h Live demo of @2GiveCoin mobile wallet test with @TheLittleDuke at @SPPXIO 's RealWorld/1 event space in support of…    twitter.com
1m 10d 8h First LIVE send of @2GiveCoin from the IOS mobile wallet to another IOS mobile wallet    twitter.com
1m 10d 19h "The Future of Stock Certificates" This image demonstrates what we are already able to do with the 2GIVE cryptocur…    twitter.com
1m 14d 5h Is your Crypto Dev #legendary? @2GiveCoin is powered by @TheLittleDuke <3    twitter.com
1m 18d 20h It's better to just buy and HODL #bitcoin than to try and mine it. It's a fools errand...    twitter.com
1m 18d 20h RT @TheLittleDuke: First live @2GiveCoin mobile-to-mobile wallet qr-code scan + recognition!! It’s Better 2GIVE ❤️    twitter.com
1m 19d 7h RT @TheLittleDuke: "Proof of Programming" -- today we experimented with changing the Litecoin symbol in the new IOS @2GiveCoin wallet with…    twitter.com
1m 19d 7h RT @SeanMoffitt: Charities and Blockchain - a match made in heaven? #BlockchainBenchmark @Helperbit @TimBichara…    twitter.com
1m 19d 23h Tensorflow Lite: Neat, but an ordeal to get running on your mobe    reddit.com
1m 20d 1h On yer bike! Boffins teach AI drone to fly itself using cams on bicycles, self-driving car    reddit.com
1m 20d 7h Suspicion of villainy leads Facebook to ban cryptocoin ads    reddit.com
1m 20d 12h Watchdog: Uh, sit down, AriseBank. This crypto-coin looks more like a $600m crypto-con    reddit.com
1m 20d 15h ! WOW ! @TheLittleDuke does it again! We now have a real live demo mobile wallet running on IOS <3    twitter.com
1m 20d 15h RT @TheLittleDuke: #truestory @SiNFoundation and @2GiveCoin are powered by some of the smartest #blockchain consultants on the planet! A p…    twitter.com
1m 20d 17h Well, now Nuro: Former Waymo devs reveal cute self-driving van tech    reddit.com
1m 21d 2h When you play this song backwards, you can hear Satan. Play it forwards, and it hijacks Siri, Alexa    reddit.com
1m 22d 7h Not everyone can take a #blockchain apart and reassemble it...let alone TWO blockchains and their clients! On the…    twitter.com
1m 23d 3h RT @SiNFoundation: It's Better @2GiveCoin    twitter.com
1m 24d 7h An incredibly rare event tonight! The first block produced that folded in transactions from a v7 wallet sending to…    twitter.com
1m 25d 15h It's Better @2GiveCoin ! Screenshot of our upcoming v7 wallet release! Boring linux command line version running…    twitter.com
2m 8h Two of our favorite people...    twitter.com
2m 19h Insulting people you have never met is not a sustainable strategy for building your reputation...     twitter.com
2m 2d 11h Big announcement coming soon about a cryptocurrency conference happening Sept/Oct 2018 with an all-women lineup. Filling a market void. I've been to a thousand and one all male lineup events, why not come to market with all women? Will update next week!    twitter.com

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