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  • 17 Feb 2018


FirstBlood (1ST): PUBG Professional Tournament  17 Feb 2018  (published 19 days ago)

FirstBlood announcing professional tournament & title PUBG. FirstBlood hosting professional teams include Cloud 9, Totaliy, eUnited, Noble, God Squad and more. The competition will take place on 17th February, 2018.
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FirstBlood Latest News:

1h Major League Baseball Has Its Sights Set On Esports #esports    twitter.com
1d 2h BattlEye data shows that 99 percent of banned PUBG cheaters are from China #esports    twitter.com
1d 17h Let´s play some dota! 5v5 queue winners earn 100 ladder points #F1rstBlood #BattleTime    twitter.com
2d 2h Could Esports Become Part Of Olympics By 2024? #esports    twitter.com
2d 17h ⚔️⚔️⚔️ Time to battle ⚔️⚔️⚔️ #F1rstBlood #BattleTime    twitter.com
2d 20h Sign-ups are underway for FirstBlood's 2nd Survival Sunday! Game Mode: SOLO FPP Join HERE     twitter.com
3d 2h What esports announcers should learn from the Olympics #esports    twitter.com
3d 14h Boston Battlegrounds at @balancepatch has Concluded! Here's the TOP 5 Players 1st: Yooryung 2nd: Kevblah 3rd: Mathe…    twitter.com
3d 15h Preparing for a Chicken Dinner at the Boston Battlegrounds! #F1rstBlood #PUBG #LAN #Boston    twitter.com
4d 2h March Madness meets esports with Mountain West tourney #esports    twitter.com
4d 2h Boston Battlegrounds! Pack your frying pans as Boston's finest descended on the streets of Erangel and Miramar Hos…    twitter.com
4d 5h RT @balancepatch: @firstbloodio's PUBG Boston Battlegrounds tomorrow at 6pm. Not signed up? No worries! We'll be taking sign ups here at th…    twitter.com
4d 17h Turn on your computer     twitter.com
5d 2h Dell Technologies Partners with McLaren, Will Support its Esports Project #esports    twitter.com
5d 18h Time to Queue and climb the Ladder! Join us HERE: #F1rstBlood #BattleTime    twitter.com
5d 23h Monday means NEW LADDER "" Lumberjack ""! Double points from 7-9PM US ET EVERYDAY! Jump In Free to Compete!…    twitter.com
6d 2h Booming business of esports sets sights on conquering mainstream audiences #esports    twitter.com
6d 17h Final minutes of Weekly Ladder! #F1rstBlood #BattleTime    twitter.com
7d 1h Japan Finally Welcomes Esports and Legalizes Professional Gaming #esports    twitter.com
7d 17h Time to Queue and climb the Ladder! Join HERE: #F1rstBlood #BattleTime    twitter.com
7d 18h What a day full of PUBG! Thank you for all the good vibes! Join our Community: >> <<…    twitter.com
7d 18h Congratulations to @NovaeSportsTeam ! They Take Home a Bronze Chicken Dinner!     twitter.com
7d 18h Congratulations to @GhostGaming_GG ! They Take Home a Silver Chicken Dinner!     twitter.com
7d 18h Congratulations to @Wildcard_GG ! Winners of the 's PUBG Invitational They Take Home a Gold…    twitter.com
7d 19h VICTORY Map 4 - @NovaeSportsTeam FirstBlood 's PUBG Invitational #F1rstBlood #PUBG    twitter.com
7d 20h Bumper Cars with Guns!     twitter.com
7d 20h VICTORY Map 3 - @GFEsports 's PUBG Invitational #F1rstBlood #PUBG    twitter.com
7d 21h Leaderboard after Game 2! Pretty hyped for Game 3! #F1rstBlood #PUBG    twitter.com
7d 22h VICTORY Map 1 - @GhostGaming_GG 's PUBG Invitational #F1rstBlood #PUBG    twitter.com
7d 22h Carnage @iamprophie #F1rstBlood #PUBG    twitter.com

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